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Not all curries are an English invention, but some of them are. The Balti, for example is an curry invented by the English.

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Q: Is Indian Curry an English invention?
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Did English invent curry?

It is a spicy dish of Indian origin

Where is curry from curry?

Curry is from South Asia, and most often associated with Indian cuisine.

When was curry invented?

Curry is not an invention. It is a type of dish(gravy) that usually accompanies rice/wheat.

What is the difference between Thai and Indian curry?

Thai Curry uses a lot of fresh herbs as oppose to Indian Curry that uses more spices. I prefer Thai Curry as it's more aromatic and less pungent than Indian Curry. Indian Curry though is like giving a punch of flavor in your mouth. Both are equally good.

Which country does chicken curry from?

Chicken curry is a South Asian/Indian dish. The word "curry" comes from the Indian word, kari. Karimeaning sauce.

What is difference between Indian and West Indian curry powder?

West Indian curries contain less spices than found in the Indian curry paste and masala.

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Why is Indian curry important?

because it can

What is important to England?

Indian curry

What is Indian name of parwal?

Parwal is indian food. It is a curry

Curry means what?

Curry is a Tamil word that means "sauce". Curry is a popular dish in Indian countries.

When was curry made?

Curry has been made for thousands of years. The word 'curry' means 'stew' in an Indian language.

Why do Indians smell like curry?

The curry smell might be from the spices that are in the Indian diet.

What are the habits of Indian elephants?

they enjoy curry

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Where is curry sauce from?

From the Indian spice tumeric

What is a curry fart from a Indian butt?

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Did the romans eat curry?

No, the Romans did not eat curry as this spice was not available to them. Curry is a common ingredient used in Indian cuisine.

What are the influence of Indian art to Philippine art culture?

the food curry is the favorite of filipino that is the influenced of indian art in the philippines the chicken curry ! :)

What type of food is curry?

Any food that has been seasoned with curry powder can be called curry. Curry powder is a mixture of spices that is popular in Indian cuisine.

What is the most common Indian food?

curry probably and the most common curry in Britain is Korma