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Is Islam a religion of Arabia?

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Islam is not A religion but it is THE religion. Mean to say that its the only religion. Its the religion of GOD for whole of humanity...

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What religion was spread from Arabia?

Islam spread from Arabia.

What is the major religion in Saudi Arabia?

Islam is the only religion which is permitted in Saudi Arabia. The practice of any other religion is forbidden as it is the home and origin of Islam.

What religion emerged in Arabia?

The religion revealed by Muhammad - Islam.

What country did Islam come from?

Saudi Arabia but Islam is the religion of god

What is a Saudi Arabian's religion?

The main religion of Saudi Arabia is Islam

What religion is the of saudis?

The official religion of Saudi Arabia is Wahabi Islam.

What is the main religion in Saudi Arabia?

In Saudi Arabia most people are Muslim. The holiest site of Islam, the Grand Mosque of Mecca is also located in Saudi Arabia.In Saudi Arabia there is only one religion which is Islam

Why Religion is important in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is known as the 'birth place' of a more specific religion, Islam.

In which countries is Sunni Islam the major religion?

Alot in the country of Islam, Arabia.

What religion started in Arabia?

Islam. That was in 602 A.D.

How did Islam become a religion in Saudi Arabia?

All of the history of Muhammad's life took place in Saudi Arabia and, as a result, Islam has been a religion in Saudi Arabia since the early 7th century.

What is Saudi arabias main religion?

Islam is the main religion of Saudi Arabia.

What is the main religions in Riyadh Saudi Arabia?

Islam is the main religion in Saudi Arabia.

What is the top 3 religions in saudi Arabia?

Islam is the only religion of Saudi Arabia

Where did the Islam religion starterd?

It started in Mecca in Saudi Arabia

Is Islam an indigenous African religion?

A:No. Islam was founded in Mecca and Medina, in what is now Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is in south-western Asia.

What kind of Islam religion Arabs?

There is only one kind of Islam religion and it did start in Saudi Arabia and Arabs were the first Muslims

Where did the Islam religion come from?

Islam was founded in the 7th century AD in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

Why do women in Saudi Arabia wear Yashmaks?

It's a part of their religion and in Saudi Arabia every religion except Islam is banned by the law.

What religion originated in Arabia?

Islam was originated in Arabia. It was founded by Muhammad who was born in Mecca in in 570 AD.

What is Saudi arabias religion?

the religion of saudi arabia is islam and the people are muslims and there are a few englishs

What city is the religious center of Islam?

The religious center of Islam religion is Makkah (or Mecca) in Saudi Arabia

What are the types of religion in Saudi Arabia?

Islam, since being a citizen of Saudi Arabia legally requires you to be a Muslim.

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