Is Islam an authentic God religion?

Answer A

Islam is an Arabic word that means "submission". So, Islam in its universal sense is full submission to God, the one and only one God. In this understanding, God message to Prophet Mohamed is not isolated or different from God message to all His prophets including Noah, Abraham, Ismael, Isac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, ..., Jesus, until his last prophet Mohamed (peace upon them all) but it is a continuation to previous God messages and previous prophet missions. The basic principle of all God messages is to call people to worship God, the one and only one God and to call mankind to full submission to God, the one and only one God. So, sure Islam, in its universal sense, is true religion of God.

However, as:

  • Judaism is the religion per God revelation of Torah to prophet Moses, and
  • Christianity is the religion per God revelation of the Injeel (Gospel) to prophet Jesus.
  • The very name Islam is the religion per God revelation of Quran to prophet Mohamed.

The authenticity of Islam religion as the last God mission to mankind is manifested in the simple Islam teachings and in Islam straight forward rules that are logic and understandable to all mankind anywhere anytime. The teachings are covering all aspects of one's life and offer practical balance between one's human desires and God requirements from him (see related questions on Islam major teachings, Islam morals, and Islam 5 pillars).

Quran, as God holy book, for being the last heaven holy book, is protected (by God will) from any alterations or falsification or deviations until the day of Judgment. In the meantime, as Quran is the last holy book, Quran includes built-in historical and scientific evidences that prove the Quran authenticity and that Quran is the real words of God (see the related question below: why Quran was revealed? for more information).

Prophet Mohamed as a prophet, for being the last God prophet to mankind, is the real model for any one who wants to follow the right path to God during all his life practices. You find this in prophet Mohamed the preacher, the husband, the father, the friend, the statesman, the warrior, the negotiator, the adviser, the judge, the merchant, the shepherd, ..., in all aspects of life.

Muslims, as followers of Islam, for being followers of the last religion, are commanded to believe in all God prophets and in all God holy books. They are required to call for God path with wisdom and peaceful advice (see the related question below: what are Quran Golden Rules? for more information).

Muslims are required to be everywhere considering the two wings of Islam religion; the first wing is to keep performing the ritual worships and the second wing is to keep performing good deeds to the benefit of himself, family, community, and mankind. As no bird can fly conveniently with only one wing or with one wing weaker than the other, Muslim can't be welcomed in the Heavens unless he is keeping good balance of the two Islam wings.


  • Name Mohamed may spelled Mohammed, Mohammad, Muhammad, or Muhammed.
  • Quran may be spelled Qura'n, Quraan, Kuran, Kura'n, Kuraan, Koran, Kora'n, or Koraan.

see related questions for more information.

Answer B

Well the answer is... read the full answer you shall find out at the end...

1, There is nothing wrong about the Qur'an that's proven.

2, if Islam is followed then nothing bad would take place.

3, the signs of the day of Judgment in Islam are becoming true.

4, Jews and Christians were ONCE on the right path, now the books have changed and God has given the World another chance. Yes, no doubt Islam is the true religion.

Answer C

You can't say that Islam is a religion of peace," (Choudary) "Because Islam does not mean peace. Islam means submission. So the Muslim is one who submits. There is a place for violence in Islam. There is a place for jihad in Islam."

Islam is a religion based on belief of god, as any other religion is. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are in the same belief of one god yet they have minor differences...Islam is not a religion of peace and happiness.

Answer D (hint on Answer C above)

  • It is true that Islam is religion of peace and submission. Islam is an Arabic word that means submission. The root of the Arabic word Islam is Selm that means peace. This means that through submission to God (your Creator) you gain peace in yourself, between yourself and the universe you living in, and between yourself and your Creator.
  • There is no place in violence in Islam. Do you have proofs on that. Do you claim that the resistance of Muslims in some places against their occupiers is violence. Even these blood shed among Sunnis and Shiites are motivated by occupiers to implement their imperial agendas. Otherwise, why this happens only currently and not some 20 years ago. Forget about the media that is propagating this falsified idea to implement their Agendas against Islam.
  • Yes, there is a place for Jihad in Islam. Do you know what is the meaning of Jihad. Jihad is an Arabic word that means struggle. Aren't you struggling to get better education or better job? Aren't you struggling to earn money for your living? This is Jihad. Jihad in Islam is defined religiously as:
    • military Jihad (or struggle) against occupiers
    • self Jihad to prevent yourself from saying or doing something against God commands and against Islam teachings.
    Are you against this Jihad?
  • Give one example of any massacre done by Muslims against non Muslims. You will not find any. Do you call this Violence in Islam. However, remember the following massacres that were done against Muslims by non -Muslims (Jews, Christians, and atheists) in former Soviet Union and still in Russia, in China, in the Philippines, in former Yugoslavia, Sarajevo by the Serbs, in Lebanon by Christians and the Jews, in Palestine by the Jews, etc.. :
  • Refer to the related questions below on how Muslims treat non Muslims and on the Golden rules of Quran for more information.
  • The claim that Islam is not a religion of peace and happiness is groundless. Do you have any evidences on this claim in light of the hints above?

Answer D

Islam is not false it is as any other religion is, people are converting to Islam on a daily basis, as other religions.