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Is Itachi killed?

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SPOILER ALERT!Yes, by Sasuke.


He is dead, but NOT by Sasuke. Itachi dies by the natural defects of the Mangekyou Sharingan. And even so, Itachi had no attentions for killing Sasuke.

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Who killed itachi?

itachiwas killed by sasukebut he let him kill him because he loved him still

Will Sasuke find out why itachi killed his clan?

He already did. After the fight with Itachi, Madara (Tobi) from Akatsuki told him why Itachi killed their clan.

Will Itachi Uchiha really be resurrected And Sasuke killed?

Itachi resurrected?... Yes Sasuke Killed?... No

Who defeats itachi?

Sasuke. They confront in Shippuden, and Itachi is killed.

Will Sasuke die in the battle with itachi?

no he will not die .... but he will killed itachi

When does Sasuke fight itachi?

actually yeah.. and Sasuke killed Itachi.

Madara will killed by Itachi?

Nope. Itachi is dead and Madara is probably going to be killed by either Naruto or Sasuke.

How did oruchimaru die?

SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Itachi Uchiha killed Orochimaru. Some say that Sasuke Uchiha killed him, but technically, he didn't. Sasuke only consumed/took over Orochimaru. Then, in the battle between Sasuke and Itachi, Orochimaru came out of Sasuke, then Itachi killed him. Then, Sasuke Uchiha killed Itachi Uchiha

Why does Sasuke hate itachi?

Because Itachi killed the whole Uchiha Clan.

Itachi has a girlfriend?

He used to, but he killed her when he killed the rest of the Uchiha.

What episode does Sasuke killed itachi?

first off, sasuke doesn't kill itachi. he thinks he killed itachi, but itachi died from an illness he's been harboring from taking pills. he planned his death. it happened in book 43

Does itachi have a girlfriend?

No, Itachi is single since Madara told Sasuke he killed his lover.

Who is stronger pain or itachi?

Itachi is.. With his Mygenko Sharingan! He undeafeatable. But he gets killed by Sasuks.

How did saskue get the mangekyo sharingan?

well he killed Itachi and when Itachi was just about to be killed Itachi he put his blood on Sasuke transporting his aqmaratso(black flames)and giving Sasuke his own mangekyo sharingan.

Which episode does naruro beat up itachi?

he never does (itachi kakashis team killed was copy of itachi made by sasoris ninjutsu)

Who killed orochimaru?

Itachi did... He absorbed Orochimaru when Sasuke used his powers on his fight against Itachi

Who is itachis uncle?

Itachi doesn't have a uncle as far as I know. If he did, Itachi probably killed him too.

How old is itachi when he killed his clan?

itachi was 13 years old at the time of the uchiha massacre.

How old was Sasuke when he killed Itachi?

At the time of the fight itachi was about 1 month from turning 22 and sasuke was 2 months from turning 17 so sasuke was 16 and itachi was 21

Why itachi killed orochimaru?

To save Sasuke

Is itachi a live?

Nope, Sasuke killed him.

Who killed Uchiha clan?

Itachi Uchiha

Who is stronger Sasuke or itachi?

sasuke is stronger because he took itachi eyes and he killed itachi in episode 138 named "the end" you know for itachi so sasuke is stronger.

How is sasuka and itachi?

Sasuke is powerful with his eyes Mankeyo Sharinagn and the Susano he is revenge his clan. ITachi died he was killed by using the Susano Sasuke really killed him he had no liking of killing Sasuke. He smiled when he died itachi

How old was Shisui Uchiha when Itachi killed him?

Debatable issue again But Itachi didn't kill Shisui