Is Italian and British the same?

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no it is not. Italian is a person/something from italy, British is from Britain.
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Do the Italians use the same ingredients in America?

Most Italian ingredients are fairly standard and imported (in needed) to Supermarkets and specialty stores. There is no reason that Italians can't cook in exactly the same way when they are in America. American Italian Cuisine is not exactly the same as the original Italian stuff. The reason lies ( Full Answer )

Are England and British the same?

NO, Someone from Scotland or Wales or Northern Ireland as well as England may wish to be called British. NEVER describe someone from the United Kingdom outside of England as English, it will cause massive offence.

Are English and British the same thing?

NO, NO, NO - Britain is an island that is made up of England, Scotland and Wales which are all individual countries in their own right. People that are from those counties can class themselves as British. The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Are Romance and Italian the same language?

Romance or Proto-Romance is a language just in the middle of Latin and Romance Languages. They can have many similarities, but it's really hard to talk about them, inasmuch as Proto-Romance was not written because it was considered vulgar, nontheless, it was spoken.

Are English and British the same?

It seems a lot of Americans think so. You hear about 'British accents' which usually means an English one. The term 'British' can mean English, Welsh, Scottish or Northern Irish as they are all UK citizens.

Can a British citizen have two British passports at the same time?

Yes. Two passports can issued if you travel to say Israel and Arab countries. If you have an Israeli stamp in your passport, you will be refused entry to Arab countries. To obtain a second passport, you will need evidence and proof that you need one. This is usually documentation from your employe ( Full Answer )

Is UK the same as British Empire?

No! Today the United Kingdom should be correctly referred to as 'The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland'. This incorporates England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Channel Islands can be also added along with The Orkneys and Isle of Man etc.. At the turn of the 20th Cen ( Full Answer )

Are Romans and Italians the same people?

The Roman Empire was one of the largest empires in history, and while Italy was the place of origin for the Roman Empire, their empire included many different ethnicity's besides Italians.

Is 'Italian' in English the same as 'Sicilian' in English?

No , the words 'Italian' and 'Sicilian' don't mean the same in English. Neither do they mean the same thing in Italian or Sicilian. In Italian, the words are 'italiano' and 'siciliano'. The word 'italian' refers to a native of the Italian peninsula. The word 'siciliano' refers to an Italian who's na ( Full Answer )

Is Italian and French the same?

It depends on what you are referring to in saying the same. If you are referring to language, then no they are not the same. If you are referring to the two as European countries then yes. etc.

Who was the British architect who brought Italian architecture to Britain?

There wasn't a specific person who brought Italian architecture the Britain. The first forms of Italian architecture ever present in Britain would have been the Roman architecture brought over by the Romans themselves. Following the Norman conquest of 1066, the Norman-French fabricated a style of ar ( Full Answer )

Do poor Italians eat the same thing as rich Italians?

Poor people are limited in the choice and sometimes the amount of what they eat. ( although in Italy the amount is probably not an issue) Wealthy people on the other hand get a greater choice in what they eat. So as in any other society there will be differences. what they eat depends on how much ( Full Answer )

What is 'British' in Italian?

Britannico is an Italian equivalent of 'British'. It's a masculine adjective that's pronounced 'bree-TAH-nee-koh'. The feminine form is 'britannica', which is pronounced 'bree-TAH-nee-kah'.

What is 'same' in Italian?

Stesso is an Italian equivalent of 'same'. It's pronounced 'STEHS-soh'. It's the masculine form of an adjective. The feminine form, 'stessa' , is pronounced 'STEHS-sah'.

Is British and europeans the same?

no. british are considered European, but European are not british. i would know, i have a british friend named charolotte! o charlie! :)

Are names in Italian said the same as they are in English?

No , English and Italian names may be pronounced quite differently in the respective languages. Sometimes, native speakers try to preserve the original language's pronunciation rules. Other times, they adapt the word to their own language's pronunciation rules. So Italian names that follow Italian s ( Full Answer )

Are chervil and Italian parsley the same thing?

No , chervil [ Anthriscus cerefolium ] and Italian parsley aren't the same thing. Chervil isn't a parsley, but a parsley relative. Italian parsley [ Petroselinum neapolitanum ] is the flat leaf variety, as opposed to the curly leaf [ Petroselinum crispum ].

What is 'You feel the same' in Italian?

'Provi lo stesso' is an Italian equivalent of 'You feel the same'. The verb 'provi' means '[you] are feeling, do feel, feel'. The masculine singular definite article 'lo' means 'the'. The masculine pronoun 'stesso' means 'same'. All together, they're pronounced 'PROH-vee loh STEHS-soh'. ( Full Answer )

Are the British and England the same?

No. You'll find people describing themselves as English, Scottish or Welsh. However, most people in England will call themselves British (but increasingly more people will describe themselves as English). The Scottish and Welsh will often/usually describe themselves as being those respective nation ( Full Answer )

Were the british and the English the same people?

This is way too complicated for a simple answer, and the best we can do is a half-hearted "maybe". It depends on context and how precise the speaker/writer is trying to be. Historically, the Britons were Celts, a Gaelic people, while the those living in England were descendants of the Angles, a G ( Full Answer )

What is the Italian translation of 'the same'?

Lo stesso in the masculine and la stessa in the feminine are Italian equivalents of the English phrase "the same." Specifically, the masculine definite article lo and the feminine la mean "the." The masculine pronoun stesso and the feminine stessa mean "same." The pronunciation is "loh ( Full Answer )

Is Roman language the same as Italian?

Today, yes. All Romans speak Italian today, its their national language. In ancient times the Romans spoke Latin, and modern Italian is, like all the other Romance languages, an offshoot of Latin.

What is the Italian translation of 'Same with you'?

Lo stesso con te is a literal Italian equivalent of the English phrase "Same with you." Specifically, the masculine singular definite article lo means "the." The masculine pronoun stesso means "same." The preposition con means "with." The personal pronoun te means "(informal singular) you ( Full Answer )

What is the Italian translation of 'We have the same name'?

Abbiamo lo stesso nome is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "We have the same name." Specifically, the verb abbiamo means "(we) are having, do have, have." The masculine definite article lo means "the." The masculine adjective stesso means "same." The masculine noun nome m ( Full Answer )

Were the pirates in british somaliland or Italian Somalia?

Yes. There have been Pirates along the Somali coast in the Gulf of Aden going back to early history. The great historian Ptolemy in 150 BC reported inhabitants with "piratical "tendencies' inhabited the region in 150 BC. More recently, in 1854, British officials in Aden warned the British explorer R ( Full Answer )

Is england and British the same?

No. Britain is comprised of England, Scotland and Wales. When Northern Ireland is included the country then gets its full name of 'The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland'. Citizens of these four places are British in international law and their passports state that they are British ( Full Answer )

Is the British Pound the same as a British Sovereign?

The British gold Sovereign coin was reintroduced into the British currency in 1817, it had a face value of 20 Shillings or One Pound. When Britain came off the "gold standard" in about 1915, the Sovereign still had a "face value" of One Pound, but its actual value was determined by the current pric ( Full Answer )

Is english the same as British?

No. England is part of the union of the British Isles. The Union between Scotland, England and Wales forms Britain. Therefore if you are from any of the home nations you are British. There is no real nationality as English, Welsh etc as they are not soveriegn nations and they have no individual pass ( Full Answer )

Are Italians the same as yugoslavians?

No. Italians are Italian, and there is no such thing as a Yugoslavian. The people that were part of the former country of Yugoslavia, are : Bosnian, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian, or Slovenian.

Is Italian same race as latin?

Latin is not a race; it is a language. Italian people are ethnically related to the Romans who spoke Latin, as are the Spaniards and the French.

Are Honduras and British Honduras the same?

Hi, Honduras and British Honduras are different. British Honduras was the old name of what now we call Belize. And Honduras is still Honduras, the country above El Salvador, East from Nicaragua and West from Guatemala.

Does American and British language the same?

American English and British English share about 95-98% lexical similarity, making them the same language (much to the disappointment of some British people).

Is french and Italian the same thing?

No, French is a culture derived from the Country France but is spoken prominently in many countries i.e Canada, Dominican Republic. Italian is from Italy commonly associated with pizza and lasagna. Not spoken in as many countries.

Which Italian volcano and island have the same name?

The answer to your question is the Mt.Stromboli volcano in Italy.I'm not sure of my answer but i often hear this name Stromboli.It is known as the "Lighthouse of the Mediterranean" and is located at the Stromboli Island.

Is spanish the same language as italian?

No but they are very similar, for they stemmed from Latin. Most European languages are similar in some ways. Here is an example of Spanish being like Italian 8 in Spanish is ocho 8 in Italian is otto. 8 in Filipino/Tagalog in Walo. So no similarity there though!Except they all end in o.

Is the BRitish empire the same as the Commonwealth?

No. The British Empire was a group of posessions spread all overthe world. The Commonwealth is a group of nations that were partsof the British Empire that work together for mainly trade reasons.

Are French and Italian the same nationality?

No , French and Italian are not the same nationality. Specifically, the word nationality designates a nation. In Europe, a person who is French is associated with France, the nation of the French people. A person who is Italian is linked with Italy, the nation of the Italian people.

Is Italian the same thing as European?

Italian refers to anything from Italy. Italy is one of manycountries in Europe. So European refers to a much wider range ofthings. Therefore Italian and European are not the same thing.

Are Italian people the same as spanish people?

No, Italian people are not the same as Spanish people. For example, they speak Italian, and eat Italian food. Spanish people don't do that, they speak Spanish, and eat Mexican food.