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Q: Is JCPenney's going bankrupt?
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from what i heard yes it is going bankrupt and they are closing.

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no. why would it?

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No Posted by JM

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i hope they are ! i hope they are !

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they are running out of money

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was about to, and is getting close.

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Of course

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economic drop

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Probably not.

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No! It is a thriving car company...

What is the difference between a company going bankrupt and getting bankruptcy protection?

One and the same...going bankrupt means they have legally asked for protection under the bankruptcy laws.

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Yes, they are going bankrupt. Yahoo!Answers is trying to cover this up, but it's true.

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I believe it all ready did

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Yes yes yes

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JCP on the NYSE.

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"No GE finance is not going bankrupt. A few years ago GE finance was close to bankruptcy, but they were able to reverse course and continue to thrive as a business."

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Club Penguin is not making any plans to go bankrupt. With all of the membership fees that Club Penguin receives from users, it will most likely never go bankrupt. And, the chances of Club Penguin going bankrupt are 1/4 (simplified from 50/200), so basically, there is just a little chance.

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It must be look at the stocks

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no I don't think so!!