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No, But he di over one year of training in order to do the Karate Kid remake. He still does karate now, so i think he's close.

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Is Jaden Smith a real blackbelt?

No Jaden Smith is NOT a black belt, currently in the Karate Kid movie 2010. On a interview with David Letterman he said they do not use belts in wushu.

What is Jaden Smiths real name?

Jaden Christopher Syre Smith is his real name.

How old is Jaden Smith in real life?

jaden smith is 12 years old in the summer of 2010.

Who Jaden Smith's real girlfriend?

Jaden Smith has not released the name of his girlfriend.

Does Willow Smith have 2 brothers or 1?

willow smith has two brother 1 of them is named jaden smith and the other one is named trey smith. but trey smith is not jaden smith real brother that is his half brother

What is the real name of Will Smith's son?

Jaden Christopher Syre Smith. [ a.k.a. Jayden Smith ]

Who is willows brother?

willow smith has two brother 1 of them is named jaden smith and the other one is named trey smith. but trey smith is not jaden smith real brother that is his half brotherBY SUMMER GORMLEY AND CHOLE GORMLEY

Does Jaden Smith have a real and true girlfriend now?

No because he did a inteview and he does not have a gf

Please give me the real number of jaden smith?

Im Sorry But You Will Have No Number Of His.

Does Jaden Smith have a real girlfriend where he lives?

no he likes a girl in yakima,toppenish...

What is jaden smith's real middle name?

His middle name is : Christopher Syre, his full name is Jaden Christopher Syre Smith

What is jaden smiths real facbook?

Jaden Smith has a Facebook page for his entertaining carrier. He comments and post on it but he does not have a "personal" Facebook page.

Is it the real Jaden Smith on Facebook?

you just type his name on Facebook and it pops up

Does Jaden Smith go out with anybody?

i think jaden does go out with people who really like him and he will go out with u if he like u and he llike smart, pretty, funny black girls and maybe white i think that he like people who are real to him and to there self ...if i were him i would do what my heart tell me what to do jaden do whats best for you lov:alonna walker be u

Does Jaden smith have feelings for wenwen han in real life?

hang out firend and stop every thing els

Who is Jaden Christopher Syre Smith really dating?

His Real Girlfriend Is Somone Non-Famous And She Lives In Newcastle Nsw

Did Jaden Smith have a girlfriend when he was 4?

eliza....duh.and plus,someone asked the question who is jaden smith's real girlfriend? and then they put her name is ei or something but her name is eliza,hoever asked that

Who is the girl Jaden Smith kisses in karate kid?

Her name in the movie is Mei-Ying. In real life, her name is WeWen Han.

A group of dancers?

I will to dance whit jaden smith he is sexy and fine he is to cute i a real little big to dace whit jaden n me and him is the same age im 12 he 12 we is going to the same grade to

Who is the youngest black belt in the world?

The youngest black belt in the world is Varsha Vinod at five years old. Sure, and a five year old could take out an adult. Sorry, it may be a provisional black belt or a youth rank, but it isn't a real black belt.

What is Jaden Groves real name?

Jaden Groves is his real name although he has the middle names that are Christopher Syre hence the full name is Jaden Christopher Syre Groves.

Is the main character from the new version of Karate Kid a girl in real life but a boy in the movie?

I'm sure Jaden Smith gets that a lot with his long hair. His dad (Will Smith) never had that problem.

Is there such thing as a gold belt for ninjas?

on club peinguin no there is not there is a water ninja snow and fire and a black belt but in real life definantly

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