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Is James Bay saltwater or freshwater?

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Is James Bay A freshwater Bay?

Nope. It's a saltwater bay

Is Ayers Bay saltwater or freshwater?


Is a bay fresh or salt water?

A bay is a body of water bordered on 3 sides by land, and by definition the "4th side" is the ocean. Whether it is saltwater or freshwater will depend on where the water is from. If the bay is of an ocean, it will be of saltwater. If it is of a freshwater lake or river, it will be of freshwater.

Is the Bay of Bengal freshwater or saltwater?

The Bay of Bengal is the largest bay in the world. It is an extension or part of the Indian Ocean and all oceans are filled with saltwater.

Is the James River saltwater?

The James River is mostly a freshwater river. It begins at Iron Gate, Virginia and ends in the Chesapeake Bay after winding back and forth through Virginia.

Is the James bay fresh water?

James Bay is an extension of the ocean, meaning that it is saltwater.

Category of crocodile?

saltwater freshwater saltwater freshwater

Are crocodiles freshwater of saltwater?

they are both saltwater and freshwater

Do manatees live in saltwater or freshwater?

They live IN FRESHWATER. They CAN live in saltwater, but they need freshwater to drink.

What is the difference between saltwater and freshwater?

Saltwater is undrinkable Freshwater is drinkable

Is the Persian Gulf saltwater or freshwater?

The Persian Gulf is saltwater, not freshwater.

Is an ocean freshwater or saltwater?


Does saltwater or freshwater have higher denstiy?

Saltwater has a higher density than freshwater.

Is a creek saltwater or freshwater?


Is groundwater freshwater or saltwater?


Is an eel saltwater or freshwater?


Do swamps have freshwater or saltwater?


What is the difference between a saltwater fish and a freshwater fish?

Hmmmmm well i think that saltwater fish live in saltwater and freshwater fish llive in freshwater!

Will a coin rust faster in saltwater or freshwater?

In saltwater. In saltwater.

Where does freshwater and saltwater meet?

Freshwater and saltwater meet at the mouths of rivers that flow into the sea.

Is codfish saltwater or freshwater fish?

The most common codfish is saltwater, but some are freshwater

What is the simple subject in the sentence There are many freshwater and saltwater areas in the Everglades?

freshwater and saltwater

How are freshwater environments and saltwater environments different?

In a freshwater environment it is clean and in a saltwater it has salt.

Are drum fish saltwater or freshwater fish?

There are freshwater drum, and saltwater drum species.

Is an island freshwater or saltwater?

Islands exist in both bodies of saltwater and bodies of freshwater.