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Is James Cameron's movie 'Avatar' related to Julia Cameron's book 'The Artist's Way'?


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The stories are not related in any way, nor are James and Julia Cameron related.

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It isn't related. James Cameron's Avatar is a movie that is completely different from the cartoon: Avatar: The Last Airbender.The plots are totally different. The only related thing is the name.The only thing the same is the name Avatar, in James Cameron's movie the Avatar refers to Internet avatars, which, as some people may know, are things that are shaped to become like you (can be animals, humans, elves etc.) in almost every way.

AVATAR was thought of 17 years ago, but 16 years ago in 2009, it took 7 months to make the whole movie, once they we able to get all the equipment. So from 2009, it was thought in 1993, but James Camerons didnt have the tech. then.

The Ashante tribe of the Ashante Region in central Ghana. Their singing sounds so much like the Na'vi singers from the soundtrack from James Cameron's "Avatar".

According to James Cameron the Official Avatar DVD Release date is set for April 22, 2010 - Which is also Earth Day. This is for the DVD and Blu-Ray version. Avatar is supposed to be released in November on a 3D DVD/Blu-Ray Disc along with a special edition dvd, but this is yet to be confirmed by Fox.

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