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Yes listen to Savior, Buddah for Mary, Beautiful Lie, The Fantasy



lol someone said no listen to savior on here haha listen to the lyrix buddy aye

I agree that he is a christian,Think about it!

Listen to their song,Kings and Queens...Better yet,watch the video! theirs a cross in A beautiful lie and kings and queens,the symbol of Christianity..and besides that,

at the end of savior he repeats (save me,save me) if you really listened! so even if it was based of of christianity,it would prove even more that he is a christian!


i think he is listen to the song 100 suns


I think he is atheist. He questions and even seems to mock religion and god. In his latest album he says he doesn't believe in god or satan.. he asks where is your god?... Hurricane seems like a song written by an atheist regarding the dispute over religion/god.

Some people say that he has called himself an atheist (which I think makes most sense).

Who cares anyway? Would you like the music less if you found out that he isn't what you are? What does that say about you and your beliefs?

I looked up some song meanings and I though this was pretty informative.

This song borrows many ideas from the Gnostic belief system and existential philosophy. Jared said the idea from the song was taken from a book in their studio which could easily have contained these Ideas.

Gnosticism believes that an imperfect god created the world, and all things in it, and nothing is perfect because it was created by an imperfect god. Nietzsche wrote a parable about the death of God in his "Gay Science" which is used to show how people no longer look to God for their assertion of right and wrong and now moral right and wrong is decided by each person through their actions.


He was raised Jewish - but he's now an Atheist.

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