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Is Jay-Z a gangsta?

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Yes he is!!

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Is jayz a parent?

is jayz a parent and is he living with byonce

Gangsta gangsta I'm a rider gangsta y'all know Gangsta gangsta pull up right beside ya?

its not by lil scrappy. its called gangsta by young blaze. and its super sick :)

Is jayz hatian?

Jay-Z is not of Haitian descent.

How long have Beyonce and jayz been dating?

how long have beyonce and jayz been dating

Is jayz African-American?

Jayz isn't african-american x

What does it mean to be gangsta?

Gangsta is an American black person

Did Rihanna do it with jayz?


What jtg mean in wrestling?

just that gangsta just that gangsta

When was Gangsta Zone created?

Gangsta Zone was created in 2005.

When was Gangsta Pat born?

Gangsta Pat was born in 1972.

How is demand measured?

by the gangsta of new york by the gangsta of new york

Song name for Gangsta gangsta im a rider lyrics?

how gay

What episode was Gangsta Gangsta in Degrassi?

Season 3 Episode 6

Is jayz a devil worshiper?


How old you jayz?


What sign is jayz?

He is a Sagittarius.

What race is jayz?


Who is the richest baby in world?

Beyonce & Jayz Has the richest babies Jayz And beyonce are the second richest couple in the world

When was Gangsta Boo born?

Gangsta Boo was born on 1979-08-07.

When was Gangsta Blues created?

Gangsta Blues was created on 2004-10-24.

When was Gangsta Blac born?

Gangsta Blac was born on 1974-11-11.

How often does jayz or his staff reply to questions from public?

hhow often does jayz or staff reply to questions from fan or public

What is the difference between gangsta and gangster?

gangsta: bloods/crips etc gangster:mafia etc

Who sang the song Blue Gangsta?

Michael Jackson sang the song "Blue Gangsta."

Who is with Beyonce in concert?

Her husband JayZ.