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Jeff Gordon

Is Jeff Gordon the best driver ever?

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2009-01-26 02:15:36

Answer: Many experts consider Jeff Gordon to be the best of the

modern day drivers, yes Richard Petty has 200 wins but he raced

with maybe 5 or 6 top level drivers and the rest of the field were

just fillers. Back in R. P's prime Nascar was still young and

growing and only a few races televised and purses were considerably

smaller in comparison then today, the yellow flags seldom played a

part in cars going a lap down, crashes, car trouble, flat tires

were the reasons, yet a winner of a Nascar race won with a lead of

"6" LAPS in front of second place. Today's Nascar is big money

which brings in top level Engineers and top level equipment and

drivers, that means the Nascar Cup Series has 15 to 20 top teams

that could win in any race as apposed to 5 or 6 teams, yes Richard

Petty was the best in his era, but by comparison in terms of the

level of competition it would have to be Jeff Gordon

No, the best driver ever is Richard Petty.

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