Is Jenny Garth of Dancing with the Stars any relation to actor Ken Howard the actor currently starring on Cane on CBS?

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Allegedly Ken Howard is 'checking out' the ballroom; he may be a contestant on the next season. As to why he's always shown in conjunction with Jennie Garth, perhaps she doesn't have the big-name support or associations like other stars (i.e. Drew & Nick Lachey, Marie & Donnie Osmond, Sabrina & the Cheetah Girls).
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Why was Jennie Garth crying on Dancing with the Stars?

Answer . If you are talking about the episode where Richard Simmons comes on, she is crying because he is encouraging her and she, I believe, is letting go of all of those insecurties that she was feeling. He was lifting her up when she felt like she couldn't do it.

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