Jesse McCartney

Is Jesse McCartney making another album?

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What is the name of the new album by Jesse McCartney?

the third album of Jesse McCartney is DEPARTURE..

When was Off the Record - Jesse McCartney album - created?

Off the Record - Jesse McCartney album - was created in 2005.

Was have it all the Jesse McCartney album been released?

in 2011

What happened to Jesse McCartne?

Jesse McCartney has just released an album called Have It All and has a single called Shake

Does Jesse McCartney have a new album coming out?

yes, its coming out sometime in January 2011.

Does Best buy in Pittsfield Massachutetts sell the album beautiful soul by Jesse McCartney?

They should.

Is Jesse McCartney still singing?

yes(: new album coming out early next year<3

How many CD's does Jesse McCartney have out?

He has 3: First Album: 'Beautiful Soul' Second Album: 'Right Where You Want Me' Third Album: 'Departure' (If you don't know what departure means, it means leaving.)

Is Jesse McCartney related to Paul McCartney?

No, they are in no way related and Jesse has said that several times.They both just happen to be incredibly talented guys with the same last name. However the two have met in an unusual circumstance leaving Jesse completely in awe. Jesse was recording at the Henson Studios when he was working on his second album, "Right Where You Want Me" trying to write a song and Paul McCartney came down the hall singing. Jesse was amazed.

When did Jesse McCartney's song leavin come out?

The song Leavin' by Jesse McCartney was released in the US on March 10, 2008. The song was recorded in 2007 and is on his album titled Departure.

When was McCartney - album - created?

McCartney - album - was created in 2011.

When was the album McCartney released?


Is Jesse McCartney interested in black women?

Jesse McCartney doesn't mind what nationality a girl is, I mean, I don't know that for sure but I do know he has a song named body language from his new album departure and, he talks about a bunch of nationalities so I don't he would mind dating someone black or any other nationality

When was Jesse Powell - album - created?

Jesse Powell - album - was created in 1996.

When was Tug of War - Paul McCartney album - created?

Tug of War - Paul McCartney album - was created in 1980-06.

Is Paul McCartney a contributor of the album thriller?

Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson collaborated on "The Girl is Mine" for the Thriller album. At the same time, they collaborated on "Say, Say, Say" for McCartney's album.

Are Jesse McCartney getting married?

No, he's 24 years old. this is the time when boys/men go out and have fun. i know for a fact that he is not getting married and he is currently working on his new album :)

Is ACDC making another album?

As of 2011, not that i know of. Their most recent album is black ice from 2008

Is tokio hotel making another album?

Yes, they are in the progress of making it. It is said to be released in the spring.

Is Metallica making another album?

Yes they are.But not really soon..

What album is the song only mama knows on by Paul McCartney?

On his album Memory Almost Full

When was The Heat - Jesse Malin album - created?

The Heat - Jesse Malin album - was created on 2004-06-29.

When was Gravity - Jesse Cook album - created?

Gravity - Jesse Cook album - was created on 1996-09-24.

When was Nomad - Jesse Cook album - created?

Nomad - Jesse Cook album - was created on 2003-09-02.

Which Album by Paul McCartney has Just Another Day?

Another Day (without the word Just) was released as a single in February 1971. It later appeared in rereleases of the album Ram (but not the original release) and in Wings Greatest, Wingspan and All the Best.