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No. Here is what happens when a player summons Jinzo.

The turn player offers tribute, and places Jinzo on the field. His continuous effect is not yet 'switched on', nor any other continuous effects applied to him yet. Here, in the 'summon negation window', can cards be used to negate his summon. So you could negate the summon with Solemn Judgment, Horn of Heaven, etc. He'd go to the graveyard if that happened.

If neither player want to negate Jinzo's summon, the summon is now successful. His continuous effect now becomes active, negating all traps currently active, and prohibiting new ones from being activated. Now we're in the 'summon response window', which is where Trap Hole would normally be used.

Since Jinzo is now preventing any trap activations, it means any Trap that responds to a successful summon cannot be used. That means Trap Hole, Bottomless Trap Hole, Torrential Tribute, etc, can't be activated. Neither can Divine Wrath nor Forced Back could be used, because these respond only to 'activated effects'. Jinzo doesn't 'activate' anything, and even if he did, his continuous effect would stop Traps responding to it anyway. Lastly of course, non-responsive Traps (Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Raigeki Break) can't do anything either, their activations are prevented while Jinzo remains face-up on the field.

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Q: Is Jinzo affected by Trap Hole in Yu-Gi-Oh?
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Good cards on Yugioh world championship 2007 Like Jinzo?

The only card in Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007 that has a similar effect to Jinzo is Royal Decree.Royal DecreeTRAP/ContinuousNegate the effects of all other Trap Cards on the field.

Can you activate Trap Hole to negate the Tribute Summon of Jinzo in Yu-Gi-Oh?

You cannot activate Trap Hole to negate the tribute summon of Jinzo in Yu-Gi-Oh. No effect of Trap Hole can be activated because Jinzo negates traps in the game. However, your only option to totally prevent Jinzo from negating trap card effects is to negate his summon. To negate a monster's summon also prevents any of its effects on the field from applying. Cards like Solemn Warning not only negate the summoning of a monster but also prevent its effects on the field from ever applying and also destroys the monster.

Is Jinzo affected by Trap Hole in Yu Gi Oh?

No. Here is what happens when a player summons Jinzo. The turn player offers tribute, and places Jinzo on the field. His continuous effect is not yet 'switched on', nor any other continuous effects. This is where either player can negate his summon with a summon negation card. If neither player does so, then he is considered to be successfully summoned, his own continuous effect is now active, and while now is the time to play cards in response to the successful summon, he's preventing any traps from being activated, which includes Trap Hole.

Is Tyrant Dragon affected by Trap Hole in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Tyrant Dragon negates and destroys Trap Cards that target it. Trap Hole does target, so Tyrant Dragon is not affected by it.

Can jinzo destroy enbodiment of apophis?

In effect, Jinzo does not "destroy" Trap Cards. It only negates the effects and prevents them from activating.Therefore, if Embodiment of Apophis was already active on the field when Jinzo is Summoned, the Trap Monster is pushed back into the Spell & Trap Card Zone face-up, and is useless thereafter, even if Jinzo leaves the field.However, if Jinzo was already on the field, then Embodiment of Apophis could not have been activated in the first place. All Trap Cards cannot be activated while Jinzois face-up on the field.

If you have a trap monster on the field when Jinzo is summoned is it destroyed?

No, Jinzo does not destroy Trap Cards, he just negates them and prevents their activations. A 'Trap Monster' who is negated by a card like Jinzo, will be moved back into the S/T zone, still face-up. It will remain there uselessly for the rest of the duel unless destroyed, it will not become a monster again even if Jinzo leaves the field.

In Yugioh if I summon prime material dragon and someone uses trap hole can I use prime material dragon's 2nd effect to stop trap hole or would it not work because trap hole is chained to the summon?

Trap Hole is not being 'chained to' the summon. Summons cannot be chained to. What is happening is that Prime Material Dragon is being successfully summoned (ie, not negated) then Trap Hole is being used in response. Because of that, it is perfectly fine for Prime Material Dragon to chain his effect to Trap Hole.

Can you use 'Call of the Haunted' to summon 'Jinzo'?

Yes, you can. His trap negation and trap activation prevention effects only apply when he is on the field. So Call of the Haunted can be activated and target him. When it special summons Jinzo, Jinzo's effect will then negate Call of the Haunted. This does not destroy Jinzo though, and when Call is destroyed, Jinzo will remain on the field because he's negating Call's effect to destroy the monster it summons.

Are there any cheaper alternative monsters to the yu-gi-oh card jinzo?

Jinzo's effect is similar to the effect of Jinzo - Lord, which is almost always less expensive than Jinzoitself. The Trap Card Royal Decree also has a similar effect to Jinzo.Jinzo - LordDARK/Machine/EffectLevel 8ATK: 2600DEF: 1600This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by sending 1 face-up "Jinzo" you control to the Graveyard. Trap Cards cannot be activated and the effects of all Trap Cards on the field are negated. Once per turn, you can destroy all face-up Trap Cards. Inflict 300 damage to your opponent for each card destroyed by this effect.Royal DecreeTRAP/Continuous TrapNegate the effects of all other Trap Cards on the field.

Can Jinzo in Yu-Gi-Oh be stopped with the Horn of Heaven?

If Jinzo is summoned it can be targetted by trap cards to stop it, once it has been succesfully summoned it's effect takes place and stops trap cards being activated. E.g you summon Jinzo, your opponent can immediately activate horn of heaven to destroy it. If Jinzo is already on the field then no trap cards can be activated. *Once he is summoned, he is impossible to stop with traps. If your trap says "negate the summon," then he was never summoned, and therefore didn't stop the trap. Otherwise it doesn't work. That is how you can tell in the future as well. -Dragonheart91*

What does Jinzo do?

Jinzo is a powerful card. His text reads: Trap Cards cannot be activated. The effects of all face-up Trap Cards are negated.When he is summoned, either by Tribute Summoning or Special Summoning, the instant he is face-up on the field no Traps work or can be activated. No, he doesn't destroy Trap cards, but any face-down Trap cards cannot be flipped to activate their effect. So if you were planning on activating Trap Hole or Torrential Tribute when Jinzo is summoned, it will not be able to activate.If either player has a face-up Trap card, it is negated as well. For example, let's say the oppoent has Solemn Wishes face-up on the field. Whenever they darw a card, they gain 500 LP. Now with Jinzo on the field, when they draw a card, Solemn Wishes will not activate and he/she will not gain 500 LP. An important thing to remember is that Jinzo's Trap-negation applies to both players, so your Traps are inactive and negated too!As a rule of thumb we can say that when Jinzo hits the field, Traps are done for, but in reality there are a few ways to get around Jinzo. If Jinzo is removed from the field (returned to hand, sent to Graveyard, etc.) or flipped face-down, Traps can start working again. If any Trap card like Threatening Roar is activated before Jinzo is summoned, Threatening Roar will still prevent the opposing player from declaring an attack.One other thing to note is that when Jinzo is summoned, certain Counter-Trap cards can stop him. The most notable ones are Solemn Judgement and Forced Back. When a monster gets summoned, those particualar cards will negate the summon of the monster. Think of it like this: if you Tribute Summon Jinzo and your opponent activates Forced Back, Jinzo's Trap-negation effect never gets a chance to take effect and he gets return to your hand.

Can intercept be activated on jinzo?

No. Intercept can only be used after a monster is successfully summoned, but by the time Jinzo is considered successfully summoned, his continuous effect is preventing the activation of trap cards.

Can Trap Hole or Bottomless Trap Hole destroy Helios the Primordial Sun in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yes. Because the ATK gain is a continuous effect, it will be considered to be 'summoned with' its new, modified ATK. This means it can be affected by cards like Bottomless Trap Hole if it is summoned with the appropriate ATK value.

Can sorcerer of dark magic be affected by trap hole in Yu-Gi-Oh?

He definitely 'can' be affected by it - only when he is Flip Summoned though, if something flipped him face-down previously. Even then, he could just chain his Quick Effect, to negate and destroy the Trap Hole. If he was face down, and a Skill Drain was active, then a Trap Hole could be used when he Flip Summons. Then he would be unable to negate it, and be destroyed.

Is 'Stardust Dragon' affected by 'Bottomless Trap Hole' in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Bottomless Trap Hole destroys monsters as well as removing them, meaning Stardust Dragon can chain to and negate it.

How much could you get or a mint condition rare jinzo?

Oh, the infamous Jinzo. I just recently got this card my friend gave it to me for 1,000 WoW gold lol. But you could probly get around$ 30-45 for Jinzo. It's really rare and has a great effect that negates all trap cards

Can you activate a Counter Trap like Negate Attack while Jinzo is on the field in Yu-Gi-Oh?

No, no traps can be activated while Jinzo is face-up on the field. There's no exception for Counter Traps.

Is trap hole a targetting card?

Yes, Trap Hole targets the monster you use it against.

What yu gi oh card can negate the effect of a trap card?

Jinzo, Royal Decree and Trap Stun negate the effects, Trap Jammer, Solemn Judgment, Seven Tools of the Bandit negate both activation and effect.

Name cards you need to make a yugioh deck?

magic trap and monster

If I synchro summon a monster can my opponent activate Trap Hole on it?

Synchro summoned is considered a special summon so Trap Hole won't have an effect on them. But try Bottomless Trap Hole or Torrential Tribute instead.

Who is the artchitect of a hole that is a trap for unwary insects?

venus fly trap

How many trap holes can you have in a Yu-Gi-Oh deck?

You can have 3 trap holes and 3 bottomless trap holes in a yugioh deck. That is, if you aren't playing in tournaments.

What if you had robbling goblin trap card activaded and your opponent put an effect monster that stop the activation of trap cards will your card will be destroyed?

If Robbin' Goblin was already active on the field, and your opponent Summons a monster that prevents the activation of Trap Cards, Robbin' Goblin will not be affected because it was already active; it will not be destroyed.If a card on the field prevents the activation AND negates the effects of Trap Cards (such as Jinzo), Robbin' Goblinwill remain on the field; however, its effect will also be negated.

In yugioh forbidden memories where do you get powerful trap cards?

seto, kaiba and pegasus give out really good trap cards like crush card and such.