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Is john cena gay?

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Did john Cena is gay?

John cena is not gay.

What are ten questions you can ask about John Cena?

does john cena have a girlfriend? is he gay? does he have a myspace? does john cena have a girlfriend? is he gay? does he have a myspace?

What gay wrestlers are out there?

John Cena

Is john cena gay in real life?


Why is John Cena a servant leader?


Who is better cena or Triple H?

triple h. john cena is gay

Is john cena and randy orton gay?

Randy Orton is married and has a daughter and john cena is apparantly engaged

Why are people saying that John Cena is gay?

because no one liket him but i do he not gay he has a wife he is cool im not in love i fiht him all day i see him sexing kidss he is not gay just nasty. ples tell john cena f you from john cena to wwe or raw

Which of John Cena's brother's is gay?

John Cena has 4 brothers. His Oldest Stephen is Openly Gay.

Is john cena attracted to guys?

No he's not gay

Is john cena and big show gay in WWE?

no way! john cena is getting married in July 2009 July 24, 2008 No Big Show is happily married and Cena will be getting married soon big show is gay he married big daddy v No, John Cena and The Big Show are not gay. November 2009 - Cena married on July 11, 2009 to his high school sweetheart Liz and Big Show and Bess have been married for about 10 years! So no neither are gay! If John Cena was gay then who will say u can't see me?

Kelly kelly ever kissed john cena?

no your gay

Is john cena gay and dating randy oton?

No. Randy Orton is married and has kids, and Cena is engaged. None of them are gay or anything close to gay. Randy is married and has one daughter. Cena is married to his high school sweetheart

What are the gay WWE wrestlers names?

undertaker, john cena e.t.c

Is WWE john cena is gay?

john cena is the best wwe super star ever, he raps, wrestles and hes really really strog

Who gay in the WWE?

john cena is gay but he hides it by marrying a woman and has secret affairs with another man

Who is better John Cena or batista?

Batista is a hundred times better than cena Batista finishers are better he is an entertainer and a good wrestler john cena is gay and when he is angry he looks constipated

Has there ever been a gay professional wrestler?

Yes John Cena Lol

Is batista better than john cena?

Batista is hundred times better than cena batista is more stronger and his finishers are amazing and he his entertaining but john cena is rubbish boring gay and constipated (when angry)

Is John Cena GAE?

First of all, its not gae, it gay g-a-y. Second of all, the answer is no, he is not gay he is married to a lady.

Is WWE John Cena gay?

we dont know he is single but he once dated maria no

What was the score of the ironman match between john cena and Randy Orton?

John Cena won 6-5 using the STF at 59:56. gay who watches wwe

What if john cena and eve hooked up and john told her he was gay?

this would never happen because John is happily married to his wife

Was John Cena and Jeff Hardy ever gay with each other?

Yes he is quite queer

Is John cena bad?

No. John Cena is not bad. If John Cena was bad, he would not care about his fans. John Cena will always support his fans so John Cena is GOOD!!!!!