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Vince machman's daughter Stephine is married to triple H not John Cena

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Does John Cena have a daughter with maria?

no. john cena does not have a daughter with maria. he is married...not to maria though:-)

What are the names of shakespeare son in law?

His daughter Susanna married Dr. John Hall. His daughter Judith married Thomas Quiney, a vintner.

Is Matt Lattanzi married?

He used to be married to Olivia Newton John, and they have a teenage daughter, chloe.

Is john muller married?

Maybe Not. He's actually not married, but he does has a daughter and saw her on tv once...

Does John Robie have a daughter in 'To Catch A Thief'?

John Robie (Cary Grant) does not have a daughter in To Catch A Thief, seeing as he was not married in the film.

Did John Wilkes Booth ever get married?

In 1859, John Wilkes Booth married Izola Mills. They had a daughter named Rita and a son named John. John Wilkes Booth married Louisa J. Payne February 14, 1872, and nine months later had a daughter named Laura Booth.

Is john rendall married?

Today ?? Whon knows. He was married to Liz Brewer from 1978 to 1988, they have a daughter. John also has 2 other kids.

Is john cena and randy orton gay?

Randy Orton is married and has a daughter and john cena is apparantly engaged

Is Jeff Hardy and John Cena both married?

They are married Jeff Hardy married long time girlfriend Beth Britt and they have a daughter Ruby. John Cena married his high school sweetheart Liz in 2009

Who hate john cena?

does john cena really hate vince John Cena is awesome.I hate vince because dx does

Is John Cena and Maria Kanellis Married?

No, john cena is already married to his highschool sweetheart Elizabeth Huberdeau they married July 11 2009 and have a daughter named belinda i got this off of his twitter

Was Whitney Houston's father married to anyone else?

Yes. After John and Cissy Houston got divorced, John re-married, and had a daughter (Alana) with his new wife Peggy.

Is john richardson from the rubettes married?

Yes his wife is Cherrille and he has a daughter Pia and a son Scott:)

Who did Shakespeare's daughter Susanna marry?

Susanna married a physician named John Hall in 1607

Is princes Diana queens elizabeths daughter?

No she was not. Princess Diana was the daughter of John and Frances Spencer. When Princess Diana married Prince Charles in 1981 she became Queen Elizabeth's daughter in law, but she was not her daughter.

When did John Rolfe get married?

He got married in 1614 to Chief Powhatans Daughter, Pocahontas. That made peace come about between the colonists and the indians.

Who was an Indian woman who was daughter to an Indian chief and married an important man in Jamestown?

Her real name was Matoaca, but you probably know her by her nickname- Pocahontas. Daughter of Powhatan. She married John Rolfe, and was known as Rebecca Rolfe.

Was Eartha Kitt ever married?

Yes to John William McDonald from 1960 to 1965, they had a daughter together.

What important thing did Pocahontas do for Virginia?

she married john Rolfe and was the daughter of Chief Powhatan She moved to Virgina with him

How do you spell pcoahantes?

The Amerindian chief's daughter who married John Rolfe was Pocahontas (birth name Matoaka).

Is john elliott of CBS morning news weather married and does he have kids what ages are they?

John Elliott is from CBS morning news is married to his wife Maryellen. They have a daughter named Elizabeth, but it is unknown how old she is.

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