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No, their not related.

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Does anyone have information on silent film actor johnny fox?

I knew Johnny Fox! In fact he left me a few items, such as photos and scripts.

What does Johnny Depp do for a career?

Johnny depp is an actor/musician

Who is tom ward?

Tom Ward is an actor. He plays Dr Harry Cunningham in the UK TV series 'Silent Witness'.

What do you call a silent actor?

mime artist or just actor.

What does Johnny Depp do?

johnny dep is an actor

When was Johnny Doran - actor - born?

Johnny Doran - actor - was born in 1962.

How did Harry Potter become an actor?

Harry Potter is no an actor, he is an Auror.

When did Billy West - silent film actor - die?

Billy West - silent film actor - died in 1975.

When was Billy West - silent film actor - born?

Billy West - silent film actor - was born in 1892.

What is johnny Depp's career?

Johnny Depp is an actor.

Is Alfred Hitchcock a silent movie actor?

No, Hitchcock made non-speaking cameos in many of his films but was never an actor in silent films.

When was Johnny Duncan - actor - born?

Johnny Duncan - actor - was born on 1923-12-07.

When did Johnny Walker - actor - die?

Johnny Walker - actor - died on 2003-07-29.

When was Johnny Walker - actor - born?

Johnny Walker - actor - was born on 1923-11-11.

When was Johnny Messner - actor - born?

Johnny Messner - actor - was born on 1970-04-11.

When was Johnny Briggs - actor - born?

Johnny Briggs - actor - was born on 1935-09-05.

Is Harry Potter an actor?

No. Harry Potter is a character, and Daniel Radcliffe is the actor who plays him.

When did Harrison Ford - silent film actor - die?

Harrison Ford - silent film actor - died on 1957-12-02.

When was Harrison Ford - silent film actor - born?

Harrison Ford - silent film actor - was born on 1884-03-16.

Who did harry love out of the film?

His first crush was Cho Chang, then he liked Ginny Weasley.Note: If your question is about the actor who played Harry, then click the related link.

When did Harry Palmer - actor - die?

Harry Palmer - actor - died in 1962.

When was Harry Palmer - actor - born?

Harry Palmer - actor - was born in 1889.

Who is Johnny Pacar?

Johnny Pacar is an American film and television actor.

How is the actor of harry poter?

do you mean who, because i can not answer how he is but i can answer who plays the character Harry Potter. the actor who does play Harry Potter is Daniel Radcliffe

Johnny Depp is the worst actor?

No! what are you thinking? Johnny Depp is the best actor in the world I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone who doesnt love him is crazy