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It is a popular name for both. I know a Jordan girl and boy.

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Q: Is Jordan a popular name for a girl or a boy?
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Is Jordan a boy yourgirl name?

Jordan it both girl and boy name but some parents like 2 spell the girl name for Jordan. Jordyn

Is Jordon a boy name or a girl name?

Jordan is a unisex name.

Is Jordan a more common girl name or boy name?

The name Jordan seems to be a girls name and boy name. It has a sound of masculine and feminine when you say it.

Popular name for a girl and boy?

Them, they.

Is Brendan a popular boy's name?

it can be anybody's name. boy or girl.

Is Deborah a girl or boy name?

Deborah is a popular girl's name.

Is the name Jordan mostly a boy or girl's name?

Judging from the people I know, girl. But Jordan is just one of those names that works with both boys and girls. My sister and i both have a friend named Jordan, they are both girls. But i know one jordan, a high school boy on my bus. I'd say girl, but by all means, do not hold back to name a boy Jordan!

What is the most popular African names for a boy and a girl?

Name for girl is Sarah and name for boy is abdull

What is the definition of the name Jordan?

Jordan means to descend or to flow down. It's a Hebrew name and can be either for a boy or a girl

Is Jordan a boys name?

It can be a boy or a girl's name. Like Alex, Darcy, or Mal.

What is the most popular girl name in 2011?

The most popular girl name of 2011 is Bella. The most popular boy name is Jacob.

Is Jordan mainly a girl or boy name?

Jordan can be either they both r good for boys and girls i know a girl Jordan and a boy Jordan so i say what ever the sex is of the baby go for Jordan bc it is a great name i know a Jordan smith and a Jordan Shawn don't they both sound great!!!!!!!!! i think they do !!!!!!

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