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Is Justin biebers brother in eenie meenie video?


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Justin Bieber doesnt have a brother

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justin biber will you answer my question for me what color did u wear in eenie meenie

Sean Kingston sang Eenie Meenie with Justin Biber

My World- Love me My World 2.0- Eenie Meenie

One Time,Baby,Eenie Meenie,One Less Lonely Girl

ermm i think no im not sure fanxz. i hope this helps =D=)=}=]

His newest video that has come out is "Eenie Meenie," but he has a new video that will be coming out that is called "Somebody to Love."

Yep. Sean Kingston was featured in Justin's song Eenie Meenie.

Justin bieber doesn't have a girl friend but if you are referring to his ex Caitlin Beadles then her little brother is Christan Beadles he appears in Justin's music video for eenie meenie ft Sean Kingston

Justin Bieber & Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston Who also performs Eenie Meenie With Justin.

Eenie Meenie was created on 2010-03-23.

Eenie Meenie Records was created in 1999.

Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston? 2010

No, Christian Beadles weren't in Eenie Meenie. Yea he is in the Eenie Meenie music vid hes the 1 in the purple shirt :) Yes the 2nd answer is right Christian Beadle was in Eenie Meenie he look so hot!!

justins last music video was eenie meenie.

No, Keke Palmer was not in the Eenie Meenie music video.

It's not going to be coming out, Justin and Sean Kingston decided to let it go and started working on Eenie Meenie instead. I really liked it though, it was really catchy (:

I think it is Jasmine Villegas but I am not to sure

Eenie Meenie by Justin Bieber ft. Sean Kingston

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