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Louisville is larger than Lexington.

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What is kentuckys most populated city?


What major city is located in Kentucky?

Louisville, KY is the largest city in the state, followed by Lexington.

What city that starts with the letter L?

Louisville Lexington Louisville Lexington

Major city in Kentucky?

Louisville and Lexington.

How many people live in Bowling Green Kentucky?

Bowling Green is a city located in Kentucky. With a 2020 population of 71,623, it is the 3rd largest city in Kentucky (after Louisville and Lexington) and the 519th largest city in the United States

Is Louisville the biggest city in Kentucky?

Yes, Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky.

How many states have a town called Lexington?

States with Cities Named LexingtonIt's probable that most states have at least one city or town named Lexington. Here are two of them:Indiana - small town near Scottsburg, about 30 miles from Louisville, KYKentucky - 2nd largest city in Kentucky and 65th largest in the US, home of the University of Kentucky Wildcats

What is the second largest city in Kentucky?


What is the largest city in Kentucky?

Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky both in area and population.

What is the capital of Louisville?

Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky and the capital of Kentucky is Frankfort.

What is Kentucky's largest city by population?

It is Louisville.

Whats the largest city of Kentucky?


What city is between Asheville NC and Bristol IL?

Lexington KY and Louisville KY with Louisville being closer to the halfway point.

What is the largest city in size in Kentucky?

Louisville is the largest Kentucky city in both area and population.

Which city or town is the halfway point between Lexington and Louisville KY?

The town that is halfway between Lexington, KY and Louisville, KY is Graefenburg, KY. It is the exact halfway point between the two towns.

Which city is the largest city in Kentucky and the home of the Kentucky Derby Louisville or Knoxville?

The largest city in Kentucky is Louisville. It has an area of just over 1,000km squared and a population of 760,000 as of 2014.

What city in Kentucky has a bigger population?

The largest city by population is Louisville.

Name of a city starting with the letter L?

Louisville, Lexington, Little Rock, La Crosse

What is Kentuckys major city?


Which city is between Cincinnati and Knoxville?

Lexington, Kentucky would be the largest city.

What is a city in Kentucky?

Frankfort is the capital of Kentucky, and Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky

What is Lexington famous for?

for being the second largest city in Kentucky

What is kentuckys capital city?

Madisonville, Kentuckyy

What is the population of Lexington Kentucky?

Lexington is the second largest city in Kentucky and has a population of 308,428 people. The elevation of Lexington is 978 feet above sea level.

What state has the city named Louisville?

It is a popular city name and the largest is in KY, but you will also find a Louisville in:ColoradaGeorgiaKansasNew York