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No, Kid Rock and Hank Williams are NOT related in any way. They are, however, good friends.

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What did hank Williams 3 say about kid rock being hank Williams jrs son? question answered, with excellent commentary from Hank III

Who son is hank Williams lll?

Hank Williams Jr

Does Hank Williams Jr have a son?

yes Shelton Hank Williams III

What famous country singer also has a son that sings country?

Well, Hank Williams has his son Hank Williams II, who is father to Hank Williams III.

Did the singer Hank Williams Sr. have another child beside his son?

Yes Hank Williams Sr. had another child beside his son Hank Williams Jr. It was a girl,her named is Jett Williams.

Is there a Hank Williams IV?

hank III has a son, but he is not named Hank. Then again, neither are any of the Hanks (Sr-Hiram Williams, Jr-Randall Williams, III-Shelton Williams)

Who was Audrey Sheppard?

She married Hank Williams, the country music star. They had a son called Hank Williams, Junior.

Does hank Williams iii have children?

Yes, one son.

Does hank Williams iii have kids?

Yes one son

Who had custody of kid rocks son?

kid rock

How many kids did hank William sr?

Hank Williams Sr had two children a daughter Jett Williams by his first wife and a son Hank Williams Jr. by his second wife Audrey. The above statement is incorrect. "Jett Williams" was born after Hank Jr., days after Hank Sr.'s death. Her mother was not married, she was adopted by Hank Sr.'s mother, then put up for adoption as a toddler.

Is Hank Williams a singer and musician?

Hank Williams IS a singer and musician. He is a country music legend. Hank Sr, and Hank Jr. are both legends. Hank Williams Sr. passed away, but his son Hank Jr. is still and has came out with a great new song called 'That Aint Good'. Very good song, and if you don't listen to their music, maybe you should look them up on youtube, truly great.

Is kid rock the son of jerry lee Lewis?


Is hank Williams Republican?

Hank Williams Sr. never publicly disclosed his party affiliation. Hank Williams Jr. and his son Hank Williams III are supporters of the Republican Party. Because the lyrics Hank Williams Sr. wrote resonate more with liberals than conservatives, he is often labeled a liberal or sometimes even socialist by both Democrats and Republicans. Stylistically, he was very similar to Woody Guthrie who is often called a far-left socialist or sometimes even communist.

Does Kid Rock have any siblings?

Yes Kid rock does have sibblings.Yes Kid rock does have sibblings.Yes kid rock has 1 brother and 2 sisters his brothers name is billy and his sisters names are Carol and Jill. (Kid rock also has a son Bobby)

What country singers are related?

The Judds, Naomi and Wynonna, are mother and daughter. Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle are sisters. The Gatlin Brothers are brothers. Johnny Cash was Rosanne Cash's father. The Wilkinsons are a father, his daughter, and his son. Hank Williams and Hank Williams, Jr. were father and son.

Is Hank Williams Jr alive?

if he was still alive he would be 96 Yes, Randall Hank Williams also known as Hank Williams jr (nicknamed Bocephus) was born on may 26, 1949 and, as of may 2008, is still alive. He is the son of legendary country musician, Hank Williams sr. who ever wrote this is an idiot hank jr is not 96 try in his 50's Whoever put there two sense in that he would be 96 or in his 50's is stupid because my grandma was born in 1949 and she's 61

Does Kid Rock have children?

Yes he does. His son Robert was born in 1993. :)

What is the nickname of Hank Williams Jr?

Bocephus, but what exactly does it mean?Bocephus was the name of country comedian Rod Brasfield's ventriloquist dummy, and Hank Sr. started calling Hank Jr. that as a pet name for his beloved son

Does Kid Rock have any children?

Yes, Kid Rock has one son named Robert Ritchie Jr. who was born June 14, 1993. The mother of his son is Kelley South Russell, an ex-girlfriend.

Does kid rock have a bi-racial son?

Yes. His son has a black mother and bares rocks name.

What city in Michigan does kid rock live in?

clarkston, michigani know his son bobby

Who are cotton hills children?

Junichiro (First Son) Hank Hill (Second Son) Good Hank Hill (G.H.) (Third Son)

What is kid rock daughter name?

Kid Rock has one son named Robert Ritchie Jr. who was born June 14, 1993. The mother of his son is Kelley South Russell, an ex-girlfriend. He does not have a daughter. She had told him that her daughter was his but then tests proved that she wasn't.

Is Wendy Williams' son adopted?

No, Wendy Williams' son is her biological son

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