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Q: Is Kingdom Hearts 3 going to have the Rescuers Down Under?
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What will Kingdom Hearts 3 be like?

There wont be one There is Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and there is going to be Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

Is Kingdom Hearts 3 going to be for PSP?

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep will be for the PSP

What game systems is Kingdom Hearts 3 going to be for?

These are all 'Kingdom Hearts 3' games: 'Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep' will be for PSP, 'Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days' will be on Nintendo DS, and 'Kingdom Hearts: Coded' will be on the mobile phone.

When is Kingdom Hearts the movie going tocome out?

A Kingdom Hearts film has not been announced yet.

Are they going to make a Kingdom Hearts movie?

No, nothing have been said yet about the Kingdom Hearts movie.

Is Sonic the Hedgehog going to be in Kingdom Hearts?

No. It's only square enix characters that get put into kingdom hearts.

Is there ever going to be an anime of Kingdom Hearts?

There currently is an Anime of Kingdom Hearts. Check your local book store.

Is their going to be a Kingdom Hearts 3?

There is a Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix which is like a continuation of Kingdom Hearts 2. I'm not sure if there will be a Kingdom Hearts 3, but there are 2 new Kingdom Hearts games coming out soon. One is called Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and it will be for the PSP. The other one is for the Nintendo DS and it's called Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. I hope this has answered your question.

Is Kingdom Hearts 3 going to be on Wii?

There is no official title known as Kingdom Hearts 3. New Kingdom Hearts titles are set to come out in the future, as confirmed by Tetsuya Nomura, but nothing is certain of a "Kingdom Hearts 3". There is no current way of knowing what system Kingdom Hearts 3 will be for.

Is Kingdom Hearts going to come out on a ps2 game?

kingdom hearts 1, chain of memories, and 2 are all on the ps2

Is Kingdom Hearts going to be a ps2 game?

Kingdom Hearts is a PS2 game KH3? We dont know

Is Kingdom Hearts 3 going to be Playstation 3?

So far there is no word of an Kingdom hearts 3...but there is 4 kingdom hearts games that are coming out... 1. Kingdom Hearts Re:CoM for the ps2, which is already out. 2. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days for the Ds. 3. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, which will be for PSP. 4. Kingdom Hearts Coded, which will be for a phone.

Is there going to be a Kingdom Hearts anime?


When is the next Kingdom Hearts game coming out?

the next Kingdom Hearts game is going to be for the DS, it's called Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days it comes out in late August or late September.

Is Kingdom Hearts Final Mix plus going to be released in US?

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ are Japan-excusive games and are not scheduled to be released in the US.

Is Kingdom Hearts going to be for DS?

It actually is! It will be called Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. It will feature Roxas in his time in the Organization.

Is Jesse McCartney going to voice roxas for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts game?

Yes, he will be voicing roxas in kingdom hearts II.

Why is Kingdom Hearts 3 based on a different seris and Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom hearts 3 isn't based on a different series, your thinking of birth by sleep which includes Terra, Aqua, and Ventus. Kingdom hearts 3 is going to include mainly Sora the (Creator said so) Edit: just to improve his answer Kingdom hearts birth by sleep is a upcoming psp title which is a prequel to kingdom hearts

What is going to be the last Kingdom Hearts game come out?

Kingdom Hearts 3 will reportedly be the ending to the "Kingdom Hearts" series. There will be one more tie-in we know so far which is Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance which will be released during the end of 2012.

What people and worlds are they going to be in Kingdom Hearts 3 PS2?

There will not be a Kingdom Hearts 3 for PS2 unless you mean Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories Release Date: December 2, 2008

Is there going to be a Kingdom Hearts 4?

u know what? more than likely yes, because kingdom hearts games are such a big hit.

Is Kingdom Hearts 3 going to be on the Nintendo Wii also?

I believe there will be a Kingdom Hearts game for the Wii, though not necessarily number 3.

Was Michael J Fox originally going to have a part in the Kingdom Hearts series?

No. This was a rumor that started prior to the Kingdom Hearts being released.

Is kingdom hearts 3d going to be in English?


Are there going to be more Kingdom Hearts games after Birth by Sleep?

Yes. At E3, two Kingdom Hearts titles were announced; Kingdom Hearts 3D and Kingdom Hearts RE: Coded. Not much information is available regarding Kingdom Hearts 3D, but it will be for the Nintendo 3DS and will utilize the 3DS's new 3D feaures. Kingdom Hearts RE: Coded is just Kingdom Hearts Coded, remade for the Nintendo DS.