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Q: Is Kobe Bryant's shoe made of black mamba skin?
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What are the reasons that Black Mamba may win over King Cobra?

The Black Mamba is faster, but the King Cobra is the worlds longest venomous snake and its diet is mostly made up of other snakes, the King Cobras venom can also kill up to 5 times as fast as the Black mambas. Personally I think the King Cobra would win.

If a mamba bites you what will happen?

It depends on the type of mamba ie. black mamba can be fatal (deadliest in Africa) It also depends on the amount of venom injected in your body and also the availability of anti venom. If anti venom is made available to the victim within 15 minutes, the chances of saving the life are high, but beyond that it is extremely difficult. That is why Mamba bites are nearly 100% fatal and also how big it is to because all the sizes of mamba are varyed in venom like if its a small one the venom is small

What what is the difference between maoam and mamba?

A maoam is a sweet and a mamba is a fruit.. A mamba is a viper found in Africa, and the name of a chewy, fruity candy made by the Storck Candy Company. A maoam is also a chewy, fruity candy made by the Haribo Candy Company.

What famous rapper made a song about and titled Kobe Bryant?

Lil Wayne made Kobe Bryant.

Who made 'The brides' aka 'Black Mamba' or Kiddo sword in Kill Bill?

The sword is made by Bills' former teacher Hittori Hanzo. Kiddo visits him and uses his own sense of guilt about teaching Bill to persuade him to make her a new sword.

How many buzzer beaters did Kobe make in his career?

Kobe had made 75 gaming shots

How many buzzard beaters has Kobe made?

23 if youre thinking of lebron probaly more than tha but Kobe he ony made -555

Where is kawasaki be made?

Kobe, Japan

What is the eastern African green mamba best known for?

Being extremely poisonous! Their bite contains a potentially lethal venom that acts very quickly- it IS treatable with serum if dealt with quickly enough, but nonetheless the victim will be made very ill, and if the bite is not treated, then they could die. There is also another snake called the Black Mamba, which is similarly dangerous.

How many game winners does Kobe Bryant have in his career?

Kobe Bryant has made 53 game winners in his career

Who Is better Derek rose or Kobe Bryant?

Kobe by far and all u people who say lebron is better tan Kobe please he is the only one who got close to scoring 100 points lebron made 56 Kobe 82

How much money has Kobe made in his career?


Are nike hyperdunks made by Kobe Bryant?


Where are Kobe nike zoom iv made?


2008 Kobe Bryant salary per game?

Kobe Bryant made $237,690.55 per game during the 2007-2008 campaign.

What contributions has Kobe Bryant made to society?

To society, EVERYTHING.

How many buzzer beaters has Kobe Bryant made?


Was Lil Wayne on the Lakers?

No, he just made a song about Kobe.

What size are Kobe Bryant's feet?

Kobe Bryant wears size 14 so i heard. i also heard he gets them custom made cuz hiz feet 2 big lol. note 2 tell.......... thiz iz all heard from a 11 year old black gurll.

Who hit more clutch shots Kobe or lebron?

Kobe is certainly the best in the NBA in clutch situations. LeBron barely made any his whole career (all I know is the one in Magic and that other team). Kobe also made 6 game winners this 09-10 season. I think he made 25 game winners his whole career.

Did Kobe Bryant date Beyonce?

Yes. They were dating around 1999 - 2000. Kobe even made a cameo in Destiny's Child video "Bug A Boo".

How many game winning shots has Kobe Bryant made?


How many free throws have Kobe Bryant made?

95 in a row.

Was it a conservative boundary that made the Kobe earthquake?

No, it was a destructive plate boundry. :)

How many 30 plus points Kobe Bryant made?