Is Kohls open Christmas

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Q: Is Kohls open Christmas
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Is kohls department store open Christmas day?

No I work there and it is not open Christmas day though it is open boxing day

Was kohls open on Christmas day?

Yes. Maybe. Yes. Maybe.

What time does Kohls open the day after Christmas?

6AM in your local time

Are any these stores open at all on Christmas Day Big Lots or Wal Mart or Kohls?

Wal mart is open until 7 AM, big lots until 8 AM I think, I am not sure about kohls

Is kohls open on Christmas day?

No, Kohl's is closed on Christmas day. However, most Kohl's stores offer later hours for the holiday shopping and they vary according to season. While Kohl's may be closed on Christmas, they are open for half of the day on Christmas Eve and the store remains open on New Year's Eve.

When does kohls open?


Is kohls open on Easter?


What time does kohls close on Christmas Eve?


What time does kohls open on Sunday?

8:00 am

When did the first kohls store open?


What stores are open on July fourth?


Where can one find information on Kohls Christmas hours?

Kohls christmas hours should posted on the door of the entry way. More specific is go to their website, type in the location you wanted to go and check it from there, is that simple way to find out.

What time does kohls open up?


What are Kohls Christmas shopping Hours?

12:00 til 8:00

What are the normal Kohls store hours?

The normal hours for a Kohls store is 8am to 8pm. They are good long hours and help the buyer find what they want. Kohls do also open at weekends with the same hours.

Is Kohls open on Easter Sunday?

Mine is not. Just called and the recording says they are open tomorrow.

When times does kohls open in ottumwa Iowa?

fall of 2012

Is kohls open on Fourth of July?

Yes, I think so.

What time does kohls open dec 26?

7:00 am

What time does kohls store open on Sundays?

8:00 am

Is kohls open on Thanksgiving day?

Yes it is, But be sure to contact the khols near you.

What are store hours for kohls week of Christmas?

8:30 - 5pm on winter holidays.

Where can you find Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments to give as Christmas gifts?

Try Kohls, or hallmark stores The Disney Store had them last year.

IS kohls open Easter Sunday?

nope....I don't think so

Is there a walmart open In Jacksonville on Christmas day?

The Walmart store in Jacksonville is not open on Christmas day. The stores are open on Christmas Eve but they are not open on Christmas day.