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Well,if Lady Gaga can wear a meat dress to a award show,she could probaly draw good.

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Does Lady Gaga draw good?

NO she is Bad At Drawing!joke don't know the answer try to google it :)

Is Lady Gaga a bad proson?

No. Lady Gaga is a good person.

Is Lady Gaga a a good dancer?

Watch her music videos and think if lady gaga is a good dancer or not in your opinion.

How good is Bad Romance by Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga is a naturally good singer and songwriter so ... yes , it is a really good song !!

Do Lady Gaga autographs sell good?

lady gaga is so awesome so I think her autographs sell really good.

What are good Lady Gaga jokes?

Many "good" Lady Gaga jokes are too inappropriate to be listed here. However, here are some suitably appropriate ones: How do you get Lady Gaga's attention? Poke her face. Why is Lady Gaga so sad? Because she had a bad romance. How do you entertain Lady Gaga? ...Just dance. Where does Lady Gaga keep her outfits? In the fridge.

Good things said about Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga has a good personality cool fashions so yea I think she is pretty talented

Is Lady Gaga a good girl?

Lady Gaga is not that bad but if this is for your children I recommend that you try to stay a way from her music VIDEOS!

Are the lady gaga headphones good?

Yes. The headphones are good. (P.S: I doubt anything by Gaga isn't good lol)

What is the definition of most amazing singer ever?

The most amazing singer ever means that it is the best thing known to man. Examples: Lady Gaga Katy Perry Rihanna Black Eyed Peas Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Britney Spears Justin Timberlake Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Adele Adele Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Usher Lady Gaga There are many more but they are the main.

Who is Vintage Lady Gaga?

"Vintage Gaga" is a term used to describe Lady Gaga before she became 'Lady Gaga'.

Is Lady Gaga a fake?

No. Lady Gaga is real. Lady Gaga isn't a fake and never will be.

Why is Lady Gaga name gaga?

Lady Gaga got her name from the Queen song 'Radio Gaga' it was one of her favourite songs and she described herself as a bit eccentric and her friends and family thought gaga was a good nickname for her.

Dose Lady Gaga has a sister?

does lady gaga have a sister? that's a good question that answer is yes she does have a sister but i dnt know her name

Is Lady Gaga pregnat?

lady gaga is pregant

Is Lady Gaga Australian?

no, lady gaga is not australian.

What race is Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga is Caucasian.

Is Lady Gaga a Christain?

No, Lady Gaga is not a Christian.

Is Lady Gaga a heterosexual?

No, Lady Gaga is bisexual

Is Lady Gaga a convict?

No, Lady Gaga is not a convict.

Is Lady Gaga homeafredit?

No , Lady Gaga is not a Hermaphrodite

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