Is Lady Gaga male or female?

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Lady Gaga is a woman, always has been, and probably always will be.

Lady Gaga was supposedly quoted on a blog as saying that she was a hermaphrodite, and that it has never been an issue for her. In August of 2009, ABC News asked Lady Gaga's manager about these rumors. He responded saying, "This is completely ridiculous."

Also, many of the pictures in which rumor sites are posting pictures of various bulges in the musicians costumes are failing to explain, or maybe understand, that the majority of hermaphrodites do not have very obvious tell-tale outward signs. The majority of hermaphrodites do not even know that they are until they have unexpected hormonal changes during puberty, or go for reproductive health exams. Some hermaphrodites do not find out until late in life, and some never do find out. If you are counting on these pictures as evidence, keep in mind that you are probably being misled. This is not how it generally works.

And her mother certainly thought she had a girl when she named the baby Stefani Joanne Angelina!
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Is Lady Gaga a female?

Despite what you may have heard, Lady Gaga is a 25 yr. old young woman. Lady Gaga is 25 not 23.

Who is the male model in Lady Gaga poker face?

Nobody knows but Lady Gaga! Actually the models name is Hunter Silas, an Alabama native model. If I'm not mistaken he has been in other music videos for the same genre. His name was mentioned in a making the video DVD of Lady GaGa.

Where is Lady Gaga from from?

She was born and raised on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City in New York, USA.

Where is Lady Gaga from?

Manhattan, New York. Gaga says that the worst rumor about her is that she is from Yonkers.

Is Lady Gaga secretly an old lady?

Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) is currently (2012) 26 years old. As far as ethnic background, she's Italian. But she wasn't born in italy. She lived in New York for most of her life with her parents, and moved downtown to broadway when she was 19. She currently has no home of her ( Full Answer )

How can you tell a male lady bug from a female lady bug?

It is very difficult to tell the difference between a male and female ladybug. Male ladybugs (or ladybirds) tend to be slightly smaller than females. Contrary to popular belief, the spots do not indicate whether these insects are males or females. However, the spots do fade somewhat as the insect gr ( Full Answer )

What was Lady Gagas male name?

She has no male name you itiot. she is a WOMEN for peets sake. let it go she is not a man and she never will be a man. she has all the women parts you need to be a women. 0 male parts so drop it already! her name is Stephanie Joanne Germanota

How was Lady Gaga born as a man and a lady?

False, that was a rumor about her. She said herself on TV "that's bullsh*t" she's a woman, was born a woman, with a vayjayjay and tatas. Never had a weener between her legs , will never have one.

Was Lady Gaga born a male or a female?

Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta) was born and continues to be a female. However, various rumors have sprung up, due to completely unfounded speculation posted on the internet. She opened the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards (August 28, 2011) by performing a duet with Brian May, in which she was dressed as ( Full Answer )

Has Lady Gaga ever had a penis?

No, it was just a rumor. Lady Gaga has been a girl for her whole life! WikiAnswers does not spread rumors nor speculate about living persons. No, she is female.

Why did Lady Gaga get plastic surgery?

Lady Gaga has denied all the rumors of plastic surgery. She hasactually made several statements about being happy with yourself inany form you may take and celebrating your perceived flaws.

Did lady gagas sister die?

NO! Her sister is called Natalie and she is not dead! She is in the video for Telephone.

How many Lady Gaga cds are there?

There are 5 CD's so far, The Fame, The Fame Monster, The Remix, Born This Way, Born This Way Exclusive Edition There is also Lady Gaga - One Sequin At A Time, which is a documentary DVD.

Why does Lady Gaga dress strangely?

It might appear strange to you, but to her it is perfectly alright and looks good, which is why she dresses that way. Why does Lady Gaga dress so strangly because I don't understand that why she dresses that way with stuff on her eye it does not look good.

Lady Gaga is an awesome singer?

lady gaga is an extra awesome singer her voice is very nice that she's got more than a hundred billion fans all around the world !!! I Love Lady Gaga !

Why does Lady Gaga sound like a male a little?

I don't really think she sounds like a man. But, the way someone sounds means absolutely nothing. The reason why, may be because you think she sounds like a man, and you think that that is what a man sounds like.

What about lady gaga?

lady gaga is very hot and sexy she focused in all world she is so incrsed in aa world

How do you know if you have more female hormones than male you feel like you want to be a lady?

It doesn't generally matter the cause of it all... it never leads to a solution in this matter. However, a doctor can take a test and send it to a lab. If a doctor says it's not possible, do not listen, do not pay, and find another doctor. Keep in mind that a doctor will generally not administer a ( Full Answer )

Is Lady Gaga the most talented female singer?

Yess, I Think She Is One Of The Most Talented Becauseee Shes My Favorite Singer♥ I do admit she's talented but there are many people in the industry that sing better than her so I wouldn't call her one of the MOST talented female singers. I call her just one of those singers that get really ( Full Answer )

What insects have shells and why is Lady Gaga a lady?

Well A snail has a shell so does a beetle there are many more but I will not answer them.... You should know why Lady Gaga is a lady... She was born a woman, is a woman, will always be a woman. and her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

Why is Lady Gaga name gaga?

Lady Gaga got her name from the Queen song 'Radio Gaga' it was one of her favourite songs and she described herself as a bit eccentric and her friends and family thought gaga was a good nickname for her.

Why did Lady Gaga have the name gaga?

Gaga was in the process of trying to come up with a stage name when she received a text message from Rob Fusari (producer) that read "Lady Gaga." He explained, "Every day, when Stef came to the studio, instead of saying hello, I would start singing 'Radio Ga Ga'. That was her entrance song" and th ( Full Answer )

Is lady gaga have both female and male parts?

No, in the explicit versions of one of her latest music videos they show her completely naked where she has only female organs, it's just another celebrity myth

How did Lady Gaga get the name 'Gaga'?

In late 2005 or early 2006, after noticing her singing voice was similar to that of Freddy Mercury, Rob Fusari (Gaga's then manager and boyfriend), named her Lady Gaga, which was inspired by the Queen song, "Radio GaGa".

Why does Lady Gaga prefer gaga?

Lady Gaga got her name "Gaga" from a song by Queen called "Radio Gaga" and she does not really know how it became "Lady Gaga". So she prefers Gaga because it was the original. Also because shes wild and fun and gaga means crazy so naturaly she chose it.

Why do people think Lady Gaga is a male?

People most likely have the assumption that Lady Gaga is a male since she announced her bisexuality on the MTV VMAs a couple years back, along with the factually odd photo exposing male-like genitals. However, Lady Gaga is in no way a male, I can guarantee you that. :)

Is lady gaga really the lady of fun?

No, she is illogical, and immoral with her words. She does good sounds and beats, but, the words should be redone.

Who is Lady Gaga?

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (born March 28, 1986), known better as Lady Gaga, is a popular American recording artist. She began playing in clubs in the New York City area while also working at Interscope Records as a songwriter for several established acts. After hearing her sing, Akon convin ( Full Answer )

How did Lady Gaga get lady?

The person she used to sing with her name was Lady Starlight and then Gaga was from the song Radio Gaga.

What did lady gaga gaga die from?

Very simple answer: SHE IS ALIVE STUPID! She just released a new album and has had a concert recently in 2011! not to be rude

Is lady gaga is a pure lady?

I'm not sure what "pure lady" is supposed to mean in this context. But yes, she's a woman 100%. And was born a girl.

Is Lady Gaga a felmale or male?

Lady gaga is surely a woman because she is small builded and her hips are in the hour glass shape.

Did Lady Gaga change from female to male?

No, and she has never expressed a desire to do so. However, she has performed in the past appearing in male clothing, as the fictional "Joe Calderone." She opened the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards (August 28, 2011) by performing a duet with Brian May, in which she was dressed as "Joe." So, as of 2011 ( Full Answer )

Why did Lady Gaga ban Lady Googoo?

Because they were using her image without permission and harming it. And for the haters, calm down and take a chill pill. She's awesome, and you'll never get not even a little piece of everything she has. Btw, her sense of humor is great. Get to know her before hating on her.

Why does Lady Gaga wants to be called ' Lady Gaga '?

One day when GaGa came into the studio to record, her manager sent her a text message speaking of Radio GaGa, a song that GaGa loves. It was auto-corrected to Lady GaGa and the name stuck.