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Is Langley Air Force Base named after Samuel Peirpoint Langley?


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Yes, Langley was named after this guy. :)

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Langley, Virginia was named for Langley Hall, which was part of the family estate of Virginia's royal governor during the mid-18th century. The former Langley Air Base (now part of Langley-Eustis) was named for aviation pioneer Samuel P. Langley.

The USS Langley, converted from a coal ship when the US Navy switched from coal to oil after World War 1. The ship was named for American aviation pioneer Samuel P. Langley.

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Samuel Pierpoint Langley, head of the Smithsonian, coined the term (Aerodrome) for his off looking tandem-winged craft, the unmanned models flew well, the problem arose when upscaling to manned craft. Langley"s engineer, Charles Manley devised a Five cylinder Radial engine ahead of its time and known as Manley"s motor marvel. Bakc to Aerodrome, derived from Greek-Based words for Air and roughly, Highway, in a sense-Airline or airliner. the British continue to use the term Aerodrome for an airfield or airport in the modern sense. Aerodrome is not used in the US, except in the historical sense regarding the Langley craft. The first aircraft carrier in the USN was named in his honor- U.S.S. Langley as was the Virginia Air Force/CIA base.

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