Is Lebanon on the African continent?


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No, Lebanon is not in Africa. Lebanon is in Asia.


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Libya and Lebanon are different countries and are in different continent. Libya is in Africa and Lebanon is in Asia.

Lebanon is found in the Continent of Asia, more specifically the Middle East (Southwest Asia), north of Israel and south and west of Syria on the Mediterranean coast.Lebanon is part of the Asian Continent.

Lebanon is located on the continent of Asia, and its formal region is known as the Middle East. The Middle East is commonly mistaken to be somewhere outside of Asia. Lebanon is located next to Syria and Israel.

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Lebanon is located in Asia

Asia, next to Egypt and Lebanon.

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Lebanon belongs to Western Asia.

No. Tyre is a city in Lebanon as well as in the US.

Libano is Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish for Lebanon as well as French for Lebanese. Lebanon is in Asia.

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