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No. It is a bacterial disease that can not be spread from one person to another.

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Q: Is Legionnaires' Disease contagious
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Where does Legionnaires' Disease get its name from?

The name Legionnaires' Disease (legionellosis) comes from its outbreak during a 1976 Legionnaires' convention in Philadelphia, PA USA.

When was Legionnaires disease first discovered?

The CDC discovered the cause of Legionnaires disease in 1979. This does not mean that this was a new disease. The CDC believes that previous unsloved cases on pneumonia can now be related back to Legionnaires disease.

Can legionnaires disease reoccur?

Yes, Legionnaires' disease can reoccur. This disease is a severe form of pneumonia caused by a bacterium known as legionella.

What is an illness that starts with l?

Legionnaires Disease

How may Legionnaires' disease be said to be a common affliction?

Approximately 10,000-40,000 people in the United States develop Legionnaires' disease annually.

The outbreak of Legionnaires' disease started in what city?


Is asthma a contagious disease?

Asthma is not a contagious disease.

Is the Addison's disease contagious?

The Addison disease is not contagious.

Is Legionnaires disease contageous?

Legionnaires disease is caused by a bacterium that lives in warm stagnant water. People do not catch it from each other. (That does not prove that it is impossible but it is unlikely.)

In what city did the first outbreak of 'Legionnaires Disease' take place?

Legionnaires Disease first occurred at a convention in a hotel, I believe in Philadelphia PA if I remember correctly.

Why was legionnaires disease given such an odd name?

Legionnaires disease was given its name because of where and when the first cases happened. The first cases were during a convention of the American Legion.

Is fifth disease contagious?

yes fifth disease is contagious

Is chikungunya contagious?

It is not a contagious disease.

Is stargardt disease contagious?

no it is not contagious

What is the difference between an infectious disease and a contagious disease?

Every contagious disease is infectious, but, all infectious diseases are not contagious.

What is the treatment for Legionnaires' disease?

The antibiotic of choice has been erythromycin, sometimes paired with a second antibiotic, rifampin. Tetracycline, alone or with rifampin, is also used to treat Legionnaires' disease

A contagious disease named after a color?

PinkeyePink eye is a contagious disease.

What are the release dates for Medical Detectives - 1996 Legionnaires' Disease 1-7?

Medical Detectives - 1996 Legionnaires' Disease 1-7 was released on: USA: 7 November 1996

Is hydradenitis contagious?

It is a non contagious disease

Is elephantiasis disease contagious?

is elephantiasis contagious?

Why do you have to eradicate stagnant water your surroundings?

Because it can cause Legionnaires Disease

Is mouth hands and foot disease contagious?

Yes, this disease is very contagious.

Is Goiter a contagious disease?

No. Goiter is not a contagious disease. It is caused do to iodine-deficiency.

Is the asthma is a non contagious disease?

Yes asthma is non contagious disease

Is Hand, foot and mouth disease contagious?

Yes, this disease is very contagious.