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Is Lennox Lewis a good chess player?

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Yes. Lennox's Chess rating is about a strong 2000. Which is VERY impressive as far as cess goes. Look on his myspace page to what the Ces grandmaster has to say about Lennox's skills.

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How good was lennox Lewis?

Well, he was good enough to KO Mike Tyson in 2002, so he can't be bad!

Did Bobby Fischer invent chess?

No, Bobby Fischer did not invent chess. He was a grandmaster, a very good chess player, but did not invent chess.

How much money does a chess player make?

Depends how good?

What does it take to become a good chess player?

Practice and determination

Is this sentence correct he is a good footballer and he is a great chess player?

"he is a great chess player" is grammatically correct, but the rest could be better. No one really says footballer, a better choice would be Football player try: "he plays football and chess well." or "he's great at both football and chess."

Kasparov or fischer who is the greatest tennis-chess player of all time?

They are not good tennis players. They are both rivals in Snakes and Ladders. Chess anyone?? Anyone for chess?

What are some good chess website?

A good chess website is

Is Magnus Carlsen any good at non rapid chess?

Yes, he is a fine classical chess player having defeated many of the world's top players in classical.

How is the protection from a skilled hacker different from an unskilled hacker?

What makes a skilled hacker is the amount of knowledge he has and how good his creativity is, imagine playing chess against a skilled and clever player rather then playing chess with an unskilled player.

What are the requirements for becoming a chess grandmaster?

Be VERY good at chess.

What is a sentence for invincible?

Super man is invincible. My brother is a really good chess player, he's invincible.

What is the equipment needed to play chess?

Chess pieces and a board, and when you get good, a timer.

Can you be good in chess by playing regularly?

Yes & you should study strategies & get a chess computer.

What has the author I A Horowitz written?

I. A. Horowitz has written: 'How to win in the chess openings' -- subject(s): Chess 'All about chess' -- subject(s): Chess 'Chess for beginners' -- subject(s): Chess 'The personality of chess' 'New traps in the chess opening' -- subject(s): Chess, Openings 'Golden Treasury of Chess' 'World chessmasters in battle royal' 'The New York times guide to good chess' -- subject(s): Chess

When did Brian Lewis play for Portsmouth fc?

I saw Brian Lewis play many times for Pompey in the late 1960's, good player.

How do you say in German I am very good?

If you mean good as in a good person or good student or good chess player, then "Ich bin sehr gut." If you mean good (or well) as an answer to "How are you?" then "Es geht mir sehr gut."

Where can you download chess?

Some good free chess places are with only having to downloead If your a USCF player you can play on world chess live which is basically free if your part of the USCF. I have the same question, and this links are pages where you can play Online. I want a free chess software to play offline in my computer. Where can I find it?

How do you win at chess computers?

Good QUESTion , a player need to first be acquainted with how the computer 'thinks' ~ see related link below .

Is Lewis a good rugby player?

We need more of a name and perhaps who he plays for to make a response

What does a good chess player think about while playing?

A good chess player thinks about the game he is playing. A plan. A good chess player thinks about the plan he or she has formulated to attack the opponent. Too many players play without a plan on what to do and how to do it. They just move pieces with no thought about setting up the opponent for the kill. This requires thinking several moves ahead of the one about to be made. For example, a good player might notice that the opponent's King is in danger of a back rank mate, but that a piece of the opponent blocks the way. The good player figures out a way to capture or get the blocking piece to move out of the way. The plan might require making at least two moves to do this but if successful in getting the blocking piece out of the way, the opponent's King is mated.

What good chess games are online for free?

Facebook chess. Make sue it is Come2play chess. It can also e played on google games and my space

Who is the world's best chess player?

In chess you have 2 ways of indicating how good you are. Your ELO rating(for every game you win you get points) and the world championship. Viswanathan Anand is the current chess world champion. Magnus Carlsen is the one with the highest ELO rating. One of the 2 (probably Anand)

How do you get good in chess?

To get good in chess most people say you have to have a good brain and be a little smart, but I think that you have to have good opponents to play with so that you can learn new strategies from them and then one day beat them by finally finding their weaknesses. Also, I'd say a lot of hard practice could get you good in chess.

What are some good fair games?


What are good openings in chess?

There are quite a few chess openings available to the player such as the Ruy Lopez Opening - English Opening - Reti Opening . Please refer to the related link below which will give examples of each as well as defensive strategies .