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Is Lexicon used as a substitute for plate glass?

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I love it. I can flip the blade backwards on my table saw and cut the lexicon with my saw. (use a finish style blade though). It keeps cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It a wonderful product and is highly under used in the industry, probably because it is so expensive.

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What utensils does the seder meal require?

Usually a seder plate is used, but any plate can substitute, if you don't have one. There is often a special wine glass for Elijah, but any glass can substitute as well.

Which of the plastic is used as a substitute for window glass?


What is the use of a glass plate in laboratories?

On a glass plate chemistry experiments can be performed on very small scale.In medicine and biology the glass plate can be used as support for samples.

How can you use lexicon in a sentence?

The professor used a Greek lexicon to decipher the text.I am in the Arabic lexicon.

What is perspex glass?

perspex is not a kind of glass, it's a clear acrylic resin which is used as a substitute for glass in some applications.

How do you use the word lexicon in a sentence?

The professor used a Greek lexicon to decipher the text.I am in the Arabic lexicon.

What is a glass plate and how is it used?

== == You put a specimen on a glass plate and then view the specimen under a microscope. It acts sort of like a slide.

What is a laboratory glass plate?

A laboratory glass plate is used in experiments. The glass provides a chemical resistant and hard surface. For safety, the plates typically have ground edges.

How do you use lexicon in a sentence?

The professor used a Greek lexicon to decipher the text.

What is used to heat glass beakers that have chemicals in them?

A hot plate.

Is glass used in deep diving submarines?

Yes, extremely thick plate glass has been used for windows, and glass is also utilized for external cameras.

What is glass plate as laboratory apparatus?

The glass plate is an important laboratory apparatus. It is used as a "holder " of sorts for collected specimens so that they can be seen under microscopes.

What is a rectangular glass plate used to view samples?

stage clips

What are the definition corks and glass plate?

See these two questions for the answer:[ is a rubber stopper or cork stopper and how are they used?]and[ is a glass plate and how is it used?]

What is the principle of laboratory hot plate?

The principle of a laboratory hot plate is that it is used to heat various glassware. Glass is used as it is chemically neutral.

Do you need the glass plate when grilling in a microwave combination oven?

The glass plate which comes with your oven, whether microwave or combination, must be used at all times during operation of your oven. If you have a problem with the use of the glass plate you need to contact the manufacturer of the oven.

What is an glass plate and how is it used in chemistry?

by having a flat surface and to show the reflection off of it

What metaphor is used in The Most Dangerous Game?

"The sea was as flat as a plate glass window."

What is a glass spreader?

You may be referring to a " hockey stick. " This is a short glass rod bent in a hockey stick shape and it is used to spread cells on a cell plate after they have been delivered to the plate by microliter pipette.

Why a glass plate is used in solar cooker?

it is used so that it does not allow the sun s ray to go out of the cooker

What is the use of glass plate in laboratory apparatus?

Glass plates are used in a laboratory to made chemical reactions with drops o chemical reagents.

What is an watch glass?

You are probably referring to a watch glass. A watch glass is a small round glass plate that chemicals are put on to crystallize. It allows for easy viewing of the crystals. A watch glass is also used as support for weighing samples.

What are the main uses of the mineral fluorite?

Fluorite is mainly used as flux in the steel manufacturing, in the making of glass, as hydrofluoric acid, and as an element substitute for glass in telescopes and camera lens.

What is the purpose of ethanol in the spread plate technique?

ethanol is used to sterilise the glass spreader (when used in conjunction with the flame) between spreads

What was used as film during the Civil War to make photographs?

Glass, chemically treated (wet-plate negative) and then exposed to light was used.