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Is LimeWire bad?

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2010-03-24 09:47:39

Limewire will not harm your computer in any way if you install

it. Some users are reckless, and will download any file they see,

without checking to see if it is legitimate. It is equivalent to a

person clicking any ad they see: they will eventually run into a

malicious site.

There is a very simple process to check if a file is good.

Right-click any file in the search results, and choose Advanced

> Lookup file with Bitzi. Users who have downloaded the file

can comment on it, and tell you if it is infected, mislabeled, or

of poor quality. If you are paranoid, do not download anything that

has not already been reviewed.

Well, it's not good. I've actually never used lime wire, but my

sister has. We ended up with a huge virus on our computer. We

actually ended up getting a new computer, let's just say the song's

are great to get and sure there free and easy. But there actually

not all that good quality and of course they are illegal. Half the

songs she downloaded on to my i pod, i couldn't hear. I hope this

has changed your choice of Lime Wire

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