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Is Lita really pregnant and if so who's baby is it?

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Who did lita marry?

well that's reallly complicated because Matt hardy asked lita to marry him but then him and Kane wrestled for her heart and Kane won but the baby lita was impregnated with was kanes but she wasnt positive whos it was . after 1 and a half year edge and lita started dating so Kane and lita got a divorce and 3 weeks later lita married edge

Did ed sheerans pregnant girlfriend die?

He never had a pregnant girlfriend, the song is about his friend whos Baby died!

Whos the baby daddy of ravens baby?

Jussie Smollet (Jurnee Smollets older brother)

If you are married and your husband is fixed and you get pregnant from a man who does not know you are married whos responsible for the baby?

ULtimately, YOU are, although the "biological" father is also responsible if you can confirm paternity and wish to pursue in a court of law.

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depends on whos doing it

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a 15 year old girl who gets pregnant during "band camp" with a "cool" kid named Ricky. She then goes out with Ben a nerdy, over talking guy whos dad is the meat king. Ben finds out shes pregnant, wants to marry her and tells people its his baby. Amy the girl whos pregnant parents are getting separated so its one more thing she has to worry about.

What do you you do if you dont know whos the daddy?

DNA test the baby and the men involved.

You slept with two men in a week apart. Whos baby am i pregnant with?

If you are talking about a child, check the hair/eye color, or take a DNA test... Also ask your docter if s/he can tell when you concieved.

Will Amy's baby be a girl or boy?

I think Amy's baby will be a boy. I think Amy's baby will be a boy. whos amy?

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It all depends on if the daughter who is pregnant has already had chicken pox. If she has had chicken pox then all is well because a baby has all the immunities of his/her mother until about the age of 3. I would say it isn't "dangerous" because you're talking about three people that chicken pox has to travel through in order to get to the baby.

You are pregnant the last three periods were July 17 or 18 August 18 September 18 2009 you were rapped on September 28th and your husband and you had sex on October 1 whos baby is it?

get a test....some places do them for free.... aknowledgement of paternity

Is aubry from danitykane pregnant?


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