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Not really. They still see each other though. They are still friend and if you don't believe check edges myspace page

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โˆ™ 2008-01-18 21:37:51
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Q: Is Lita still friends with Edge?
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Are edge and lita still dating?

Yes they are still dating Edge Wife devored him and Matt broke up with Lita and Lita found Edge and they started dating i still like Lita no matter what

Does edge still love lita now?

Probably not because it was a fling, then after she left, he moved on. I'm sure that they're still friends.

Are Matt hardy and edge still friends?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO July 18, 2008 Yes they are No, they're not, Edge had an affair with Lita, and Matt Hardy and lita were boyfriend and girlfriend in real life, Edge went and had an affair with Lita, so they really hated each other, it wasn't scripted, i believe there's still an awkwardness between them now :S

Did Edge make out with Lita?

yes lita and edge make out.

Is lita still with edge?

No, Lita retired from wrestling in 2006 and hasn't had anything to do with wrestling or Edge. On TV, Edge is married to Vickie Guerrero. In real life I believe he is single, not sure.

Is Katie lea burchill dating edge?

no he is still married to lita

Is Matt Hardy still going out with lita?

No, Amy (LITA) cheated on Matt with Adam (EDGE) who was married at the time HELL NO July 31, 2008 They are no longer dating, but they have patched things up and remain friends

What happened to edge and lita?

edge and lita broke up in real life

Will Lita stay with Edge?

As of now, Edge and Lita are not affiliated to one another in WWE

When did rey mysterio do a 619 to lita?

When she was still with Edge... I would say sometime in 2006.

Did edge and lita have a baby?

No lita has never been pregnant!

Why did Edge and Lita break?

lita was cheating on edge because she was dating M.HardySeptember 12, 2008Actually you have that backwards Lita cheated on Matt with Edge, Matt and Lita had been together for 6 years before her and Edge hooked up. Currently none of them are dating.

Who is lita dating?


Did lita ever had it with edge?


Does edge have children with lita?


Are Edge and Lita still together?

NOPE they aren'tShe is dating CM Punk for over a year

On WWE when and how did edge and lita breck up?

Kane took Lita and convinced her to sleep with him, in exchange, Edge would not be beaten to a pulp. This eventually led to the pregnancy angle, the wedding, Kane's turn, and the death of the baby via Snitski's "it wasn't my fault" angle. nononono lita went out with Matt and Kane kidnapped lita because Kane loved her and lita pretended to love him and evantually Kane forces lita to marry him but she hated him and still loved Matt and Matt proposes to lita and she says yes but matts best friend edge started going out with lita and then Matt finds out he staryts hating edge and falls out with lita so lita starts going out with edge and tehy get married and Kane gets really mad and tortures lita and edge and then like 1 or 2 years later edge and lita break up and edge stays in wwe but lita leaves there is the real thing that happened i should know i watch it ohh and lita becomes pregnant to Kane and pretends to Matt it is his and the baby died because snitsky and Kane where having a match and lita came to ringside and went in the way of the match and Kane walked over to her and was talking to her when snitsky came up behind Kane and smacked Kane over the back with a steelchair and Kane lands on top of lita and she gets rushed to hospital. oh and edge wasnt going out with lita at thepregnancy point so get your facts right and you ovissley don't know hardly anything about wwe

Who is WWE edge dating?


Did Lita the wrestler marry edge?


Did lita and edge do it in the ring?

No they did not, they were pretending

Did Edge break up with Lita?

Edge is a former WWE Wrestler who has since become a bit of an actor. He is currently not in a relationship with Lita.

Why did edge and lita break up PS they are both wrestlers?

because edge used vickie for power and lita is super hot

Was lita really edge's girlfriend?

yes but not anymore.lita left Matt for edge but parted after lita left the wwe. edge is now dating another women and lita is married now.

Is Lita really seeing Edge?

I am not sure but i have heard edge is married so noAnsweredge WAS married with val venis' wife Answerur mad lita vill screw Kane. and she will go with edge iwill bet. AnswerIt's all based on real life events. Lita was Matt Hardy's real-life girlfriend. Edge and Lita had a real-life affair and this seems to be being portrayed onscreen with Kane, Lita and Edge. Rather Tasteless really. I don't know if Edge and Lita are still seeing each other, I doubt it though.Answer ya, lita had an apparently "one time affair" with Edge in real life. Matt spoke out on his website about it, and was fired, and slapped with a cannot wrestle or join other organization thing, that's why you haven't seen Matt hardy around :(Answergo on then its got all the wwe superstars its got edge in it find Edge w/Lita clink on it and it will say in Marital Status Now seeing Amy Dumas (Lita). 0AnseerYes it is true that edge and lita were having an affair while edge was married to val venis's sister and while lita was going out with Matt hardy! If you go on youtube and type in the byte this with lita she explains and talks about the whole thing IT IS NOT SCRIPTED....when writers of the show got a hold of what was going on outside the ring between edge,lita, and Matt they decided to use it in the show which is why a lot of people think its a written those arguments they have in all the interviews is true emotion!! Lita and edge did go out while the 2 were with different ppl, so lita cheated on Matt and egde cheated on his wife. does anyone know why edge and lita broke up? please tell me!!ANSWERno they weren't. it couldn't of have been real...maybe. but lasts years hall of fame had edge and his wife. they would of been broken up! and his wife didnt look like lita at all!

Who is lita married to?

Lita is married to Edge (Adam Copelan) and Kane (Glenn Jacob).