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Is Logan Henderson Bisexual?

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I truly have no idea. And we‘ll never know unless he comes out. And there’s nothing wrong with being bi, gay, ace, trans or pan! Anyhow.. I totally understand why you’re asking. But also understand why some people may not like it when someone asks about someone else’s sexuality. Now back to Logan... Like i said earlier. We’ll never know unlese he comes out IF he’s bi. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter :p

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its like 2021 now, but being bisexual isnt bad? its just a question? theres nothing offensive about asking someones sexuality

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No he's not. It's not even nice 2 think that! If someone wrote that about you how would YOU feel?

xoxo me

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Does Logan Henderson have a son?

no, Logan Henderson does not have a son.

Does Logan Henderson have a child?

No he does not Logan Philip Henderson does not have a child

Does Logan Henderson have a middle name?

Logan Henderson's full name is Logan Philip Henderson.

What state does Logan Henderson live in?

Logan Henderson lives in California.

When was Logan Henderson born?

Logan Henderson was born on September 14, 1989.

Is Logan Henderson from Minnesota?

No, Logan Henderson is from North Richland Hills, Texas.

Did Logan Henderson graduate college?

Actor Logan Henderson did not attend college.

How old is Logan Henderson?

Logan Henderson is 28 years old (birthdate: September 14, 1989).

Does Logan Henderson tattoo?

No, he has no tattoos or piercingsWe do not know if Logan Henderson has a tattoo if he did i hope it is a heart!don't no but kendall doesLogan Henderson has no tattos :)

What does Logan Henderson look for in a girl?

Logan Henderson looks in a girl that's sweet fun funny smart nice that's what Logan Henderson looks for in a girl

Who is dating Logan Henderson?

Logan phillip henderson is not dating anyone yet so he is single :)

Does Logan Phillip Henderson have a girlfriend?

Logan Henderson does have a girlfriend as of right now and it is January 4th

Does Logan Henderson have kids?

No. Logan Henderson, the member from the boyband BTR, does not have any kids as of yet

Who is Logan Henderson dating now?

Logan Henderson from Big Time Rush is now single :-)

Is Logan Henderson from big time rush a father 2013?

Logan Henderson is Not a father 2013 :-)

Who is Logan Henderson parents?

Phillip and lucille Henderson

Does Logan Henderson have a dog?

Yes, Logan Does Have A Dog.

When is Logan Henderson born?

He was born Logan Phillip Henderson on September 14, 1989 in Dallas,Texas.

Who plays Logan on Big Time Rush?

Logan is played by Logan Henderson

Where was Logan Henderson born?

Logan Henderson was born September 14, 1989 in North Richland Hills, TX.

Is Logan Henderson the sky angel cowboy?

no the sky angel cowboy is a different logan henderson. they have the same name.

Does Logan Henderson have a girlfriend on 2013?

Logan Henderson from Big Time Rush is single in august/september 2013 :-)

How plays Logan in Big Time Rush?

Logan actually is played by Logan Henderson.

How old is Logan Henderson from Big Time Rush?

Logan Henderson from big time rush is 21 years old.

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