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I'ts a very expensive hospital.

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Q: Is London Clinic a good hospital?
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Where is the Harley Street Clinic?

"The Harley Street Clinic is a very well known prestigious hospital located in London, United Kingdom. It is a private hospital that has many well known specialists."

When was London Clinic created?

London Clinic was created in 1932.

Where are Chelsea and Westminster Hospitals located?

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is located at 369 Fulham Road, London. However, several other buildings are associated with the Trust, including: a free NHS sexual health clinic at 56 Dean Street; the West London Centre for Sexual Health at Charing Cross Hospital on Fulham Palace Road, London; and the John Hunter Clinic at St Stephen's Clinic next to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. For more information, see the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital website.

What is a clinic?

a small hospital

When was City of London Migraine Clinic created?

City of London Migraine Clinic was created in 1980.

Where is the doctor working?

hospital or clinic

Which hospital in RI is giving the good quality Treatment for Scoliosis?

There are many hospital in Rhode Island that offer Scoliosis treatment. One with good quality services are the scoliosis clinic at Rhode Island Hospital.

What is a good location to view a well annotated diagram of the human body?

A doctor's office, a clinic, or a hospital would be a good location to view a well annotated diagram of the human body. Every doctor's office, clinic, or hospital has at least one diagram.

What is the difference between the hosptal and clincs?

The difference between a hospital and clinic is tha a hospital is for more serious problems. Like when you have a bad cough you go to the clinic not the hospital.

What is another name for a specialized hospital?


Do I have to go to a hospital or clinic for Occupational Therapy or can I have someone come to my home?

It is recommended for best results to visit a clinic or hospital for occupational thearpy.

What is the difference between private hospital and clinic?

A clinic is for short term, non life threating care. A hospital is for long term, emergency and non emergency care with beds.The differenec in private hospital vs. the clinic - that would be funding.

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