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There are many factories around the world that produce products of Louis Vuitton.

For example; bags

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What are the example of transnational corporation?

an e.g. of an transnational corporation is Mcdonalds or Nike

Definition of transnational corporation?

A car is a good transnational and the corporation of the subway system

What is the role of Transnational Corporation in globalisation?

wat is the role of transnational corporation in globalisation

What is a transnational corporation?

A transnational, or multinational, corporation has its headquarters in one country and operates in one or more other countries

Name 3 transnational corporations?

name 3 transnational corporation

What are the features of a transnational corporation?

A transnational corporation usually has locations and employees in different countries. The corporation also generally pays taxes in different countries.

Is Louis Vuitton a boy?

Yes.....Louis vuitton was a boy.He is the founder of French fashion house - Louis Vuitton.

Is Louis Vuitton female?

Yes Louis Vuitton is female

Is your Louis vuitton?

t is my louis vuitton # SF1688 real?

When is Louis vuitton sales?

Louis vuitton does not have sales. If you see a Louis vuitton item on the internet that says it is being sold by Louis vuitton and is on sale, it is a fake. the price on the item is the price you pay.

What is a Louis vuitton bag?

Louis vuitton is a brands of bags ,i like Louis vuitton bags and chanel bags very much.

Is Louis vuitton French?

Louis vuitton is a french luxury brand

Who designed the Louis Vuitton handbags?

Louis Vuitton was the first to design them.

What is the slogan for Louis Vuitton?

Epileather is the slogan for Louis Vuitton.

Who owns Louis vuitton?

Louis vuitton was originally owned by Louis vuitton but that was back in the nineteenth century the current owner of Louis vuittton is Bernard Arnalt

What is a transnational organization?

A Transnational corporation is a corporation that is internationally based that does not have a home base. They are like multinational corporations but they are without specific international identities.

What is the definition of transnational corporation?

A huge company that carries out business in a number of different countries is known as a transnational corporation or TNC. Examples of Transnational companies include BP-Amoco, Unilever and Cadbury-Schweppes.

Who is xavier Louis vuitton?

Xavier Louis vuitton is a new brand of wine.

Where is Louis vuitton manufactured?

Louis Vuitton products are manufactured in France and Spain

What languages did Louis Vuitton speak?

Louis Vuitton was French. He spoke French.

Who did Louis Vuitton marry?

The person that Louis married was marie-ann vuitton

When was Louis Vuitton born?

Louis Vuitton was born on August 4, 1821.

When was Louis Vuitton Cup created?

Louis Vuitton Cup was created in 1983.

When was Louis Vuitton Trophy created?

Louis Vuitton Trophy was created in 2009.

What is transnational corporation?

is a big shop of gigilos

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