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Yes :) I am 16 weeks & 5 day pregnant and I am sure feeling lower Back pain. CONGRATS if Your pregnant, Lots of baby dust is on your way ;-)

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โˆ™ 2012-04-11 17:30:58
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Q: Is Lower back pain normal when 4 months pregnant?
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What is lower back pain and lower abdominal pain at 17 weeks pregnant?


8 weeks pregnant with lower back pain is this normal?


I am 5 weeks pregnant with lower back pain is this normal I work in an office sitting all day and it's mostly at work when I get it. Help?

Yes, lower back pain is normal.

Is cramping in lower back normal during early pregnancy?

no you're not pregnant! Who would want to have kids with you?!

Does your lower back hurt when you are pregnant?

Very often lower back pain is a part of pregnancy. But if you just have lower back pain, it doesn't necessarily mean you are pregnant.

Are lower back pains normal when you are on your period?

Is it normal for a female to have lower back pains when they are on there menstural cycle?

If you have slight twinges and lower back pain at 6 weeks pregnant is this normal?

It can be normal, but you should bring it up with your doctor in case there is something else going on.

Is brown discharge and lower back pain and abdominal pains normal for 5 weeks pregnant?

no that just mean you are about to come on your period

What part of the back hurt when you are pregnant?

Generally lower back

Could you be pregnant if your lower back hurts?


Im 9 months pregnant and you have a constint pain in your lower back do you need to go in?

Hun this is something you have to call the doctor for, not asking WA.

Is it normal to have pain on the knees while being nine months pregnant?

PAIN IN THE KNEES IS NORMAL you have 35 pounds of pressure sitting on them (average weight in pregnancy) your knees and back and stomach will go back to normal in about 1 week after pregnancy.

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