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Q: Is Luke benward moving anywhere
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What is the birth name of Luke Benward?

Luke Benward's birth name is Luke Aaron Benward.

What is Luke Benward religion?

Luke benward is a christian...i think

In which grade is luke benward in?


Luke Benward height?

Luke Benward is 5' 6".

Where do Luke benward live?

luke benward lives in Franklin Tennessee

Is Luke Benward really single?

yes luke benward is single!

Where does Luke Benward live?

Luke Benward lives in Franklin, Tennessee.

Is Luke Benward pentecostal?

No. Luke Benward is not pentecostal. He is a true Christian.

What nicknames does Luke Benward go by?

Luke Benward goes by LA.

What is Luke Benward real name?

Luke Benward's full and real name is: Lucas Aaron Benward.

Does Luke Benward likes some body?

dose luke benward like some? dose luke benward love some one?

The color of Luke Benward's eyes?

Luke Benward has Blue-Green eyes.

What is Luke Benward's birthday?

Luke Benward was born on May 12, 1995.

What state does Luke Benward live in?

Luke Benward lives in Franklin, Tennessee.

When was Luke Benward born?

Luke Benward was born on May 12, 1995.

What is Luke Benward's mom's name?

Kendra Benward

What is Luke Benward's contact info?

Luke Aaron Benward May 12 1995

Is Luke Benward ticklish?

Yes, Luke Benward is very ticklish. (Especially on his neck).

Where in dear john is luke benward?

Luke Benward is the autistic boy, Alan, at 14.

What sites do luke benward have?

Are Olivia Holt and Luke Benward dating?

yes Luke Benward and Olivia Holt are dating :-)

Is luke benward dating Olivia Holt?

Olivia holt and are dating luke benward in 2014

What grade is Luke Benward in?

Luke Benward will be in the 9th grade when school starts. (2009-2010)

How old was Luke Benward when he starred in Minutemen?

Luke Benward is 13 in Minutemen. Isn't he hot?

Is Luke Benward available and single?

If you know Luke Benward a LOT like me, he can't date.