Is Luke tittensor single?

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Luke Tittensor is 5' 10".

Luke Tittensor was born on November 3, 1989, in Heywood, Lancashire, England, UK.

daz's name in real life is Luke Tittensor.

The cast of Property - 2013 includes: Luke Tittensor

Yes he does, he plays a character called Carl. His real name is Elliot Tittensor, and the actor who plays daz in emmerdale is his twin brother; Luke Tittensor.

Elliot Tittensor is 28 years old (born November 3, 1989).

yes luke benward is single!

Elliott Tittensor was born on November 3, 1989, in Heywood, Lancashire, England, UK.

in 2010,he is single!!

Do you mean Carl Gallagher played by Elliott Tittensor? Elliott Tittensor is 28 years old (born November 3, 1989).

No, Canadian actor, Luke Bilyk is not single. He is currently dating Stephanie Bates. As of 8/16/2010

If you know Luke Benward a LOT like me, he can't date.

Luke Benward is single!But To bad cause he's mine(im my head)lol yeah he's still single!

hey I'm luke benward , i don't have a grilfriend anymore so I'm single :)

hey this is the only and real luke benward but i had a girlfriend but its over so I'm single

he lives in heywood i believe, "greater Manchester, he actually lives down the road from me.

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were the four gospel writers, and as sinners can not forgive a single sin.

Luke is currantly single. He never has time to date because he is to busy with his career.

Luke Brian is an American country music singer. He is currently married to his wife, Caroline. The couple wed in 2006 and now have a young son together.

The cast of Charlie Says - 2013 includes: Christine Bottomley as Liz Gary Cargill as Rich Conner Chapman as Charlie Sam Gittins as Sam Stacha Hicks as Elaine Sanchia McCormack as Joanne Gordon Peaston as Peter Elliott Tittensor as Luke

His debut single from Capitol records was "All My Friends Say".

actually, the bible didn't tell anything about Luke that he was really married. he just remained single until he died. ♥= Hope you like it :D =♥

no he does not have kids. from my understanding hes a single bachelor with luke Walton going out and about hollaring at the ladies

Tatooine Luke, Pilot Luke, Endor Luke, Bespin Luke, Dagobah Luke, Jedi Knight Luke, Stormtrooper Luke, Yavin Luke and Hoth Luke.

Elliott Tittensor has: Played Scott Weston in "Silent Witness" in 1996. Played Carl in "Shameless" in 2004. Played Carl Gallagher in "Shameless" in 2004. Played JJ in "True Dare Kiss" in 2007. Played himself in "The British Soap Awards 2008: The Party" in 2008. Played Daz in "Protect Me from What I Want" in 2009. Played Jacko in "Moving On" in 2009. Played Daz in "Boys on Film 4: Protect Me from What I Want" in 2010. Played Tits in "Spike Island" in 2012. Played Luke in "Charlie Says" in 2013. Played Martin Fenton in "The Selfish Giant" in 2013.

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