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Q: Is Lupus regarded as a disability in the workplace?
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Can you get health insurance if you have lupus?

if you are on disability for lupus how do you get medical benefits

How can lupus cause a disability?

Lupus is recognized as a category in the disability statues of the Social Security Administration. There are many ways that lupus can cause disability. 90-95% of lupus patients have joint pain and swelling that, at times, can make it difficult to even take care of themselves. Lupus can affect the heart, causing disabilities like any other heart disease. Lupus can attack the liver and can even be fatal in doing so. 40% of lupus patients have kidney disease. Some of them end up on dialysis waiting for a transplant. When lupus affects the central nervouse system patients may have seizures. Lupus patients with antiphospholipi antibody syndrom may experince TIA strokes or major disabling strokes. Lupus can affect any organ or system. That is how it causes disability.

Is discoid lupus considered a disability for social security?


What are the disability regulations in the UK relating to injuries in the workplace?

Disability regulations in the UK relating to injuries in the workplace are that Employers have a general duty to take care of their workplace and those associated with their work place. Their workplace should be free from risk of injury or harm at work.

Can lupus cause disability?

my bowl is giving me a lot of trouble with lupols

Widow now can you still receive his disability check?

Unless death is regarded a disability NO

Is mental health a disability?

Some mental illnesses can be regarded as a disability depending on the severity of the condition.Depression, for example can be mild and the sufferer lives a perfectly normal life or it could be severe and the patient could not support a normal life. This would then be regarded as a disability.

What do they do in a functional capacity evaluation?

This is an exam by a physician whereby they determine if you have any permanent disability from your workplace injury. They evaluate the percentages of this disability if any occurs.

Is Lupus a disability?

The diagnosis of Lupus must be confirmed and it must be clearly defined as to how much and to what extent is disables you. Your best (and only) authority on this matter should be your local office of the Social Security Administration.

What is regarded as a serious health factor associated with computer use in the workplace?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Is lupus considered a disability?

The diagnosis of Lupus must be confirmed and it must be clearly defined as to how much and to what extent is disables you. Your best (and only) authority on this matter should be your local office of the Social Security Administration.

Does a person with lupus qualify for disability benefits?

I am not a professional answering this question, only someone with a family member who had this same issue. My daughter has been collecting disability for several years, having been diagnosed with lupus during the 90's. After her diagnosis, she was unable to continue working as a teacher's aide (outdoor work with students) as the prolonged exposure to the sun aggravates lupus. She had no problem getting on disability at that time & has been collecting it ever since from Prudential Ins. which provided disability coverage for teachers & aides (premium for same was taken out of her paycheck when she was working). It was compounded by the fact that she also had rheumatoid arthritis, diagnosed shortly after the lupus diagnosis & possibly even caused & precipitated by the lupus. And she did not even have to file several times as a lot of people have to do now. She has since acquired ever more medical issues & had many Medicaid-paid surgeries, costly procedures, & voluminous medications, which a person with advanced lupus & R.A. should possibly expect to incur. (i.e., it starts usually with lesions on the scalp, then progresses to bones & joints, neck problems, spine, etc.) Some of the surgeries involved actual removal of bones in her hands, arms, & ribs infected with cysts and/or tumors from the rapidly-progressing R.A. I don't know where you would apply for disability now, but if you get rejected after applying, know that it may eventually disable you, so you'll want to be persistent by re-applying if at first rejected.Social Security does recognize lupus as a disability. It is best to retain a lawyer. First, you have to prove that you are serologically positive for lupus (variety of lab tests) and then you have to prove disability under the subsection of the code for each part of the body that is affected.Lupus does not cause rheumatoid arthritis. They are both autoimmune diseases and can co-exist.

Can you collect some kind of disability while out of work during recovery from a knee replacement if you have no disability insurance of your own or through work and 55 years old?

Not unless your disability is expected to last one year or longer. You can try to apply for Social Security disability, because you won't qualify for individual or workplace disability insurance while disabled.

What is the government division that oversees workplace injury in the US?

The United States Department of Labor is the division of government that oversees workplace injuries. When a person applies for disability payments, this is the department of the government that will review the claim.

Is a person with lupus socioemotional?

If you are asking if people develop lupus or think they have lupus because they have emotional or social issues, the answer is no. Lupus is a very real disease. If you are asking if having lupus causes psychosocial issues, the answer is yes. Any person who is diagnosed with a disease that has no cure is going to struggle with the emotional and social implications of the diagnosis. When you have lupus, it feels like a bad case of the flu, except there is no end in sight. Lupus frequently causes pain, a constant reminder that you have a disease. All of the medications carry nasty risks, and each time a person takes their medication they can't help but be reminded of that. About 35% of people with lupus are on disability. It is depressing not to be able to work, not to be a contributing member of society, and to depend on others.

Which percentage of lupus patients will have a parent or sibling with lupus?

20 percent of people with lupus will have a parent or sibling who already has lupus or may develop lupus.

Do you have to be injured at work before you can draw disability benefits?

you can be eligiable for disability from different things: lupus, bi polar, fibro, etc.. it does not have to be from a work related injury, you need to file workers com for an on the job injury....get a good atty from the get go ...if you are going to apply for disability it took me 2yrs until i got atty then I got it within 6months..hope this helps

What are DDA responsible for?

The DDA is responsible for ensuring that disabled people are not discriminated against in the workplace, school, or housing. DDA stands for Disability Discrimination Act.

Is lupus cancer?

No , Lupus is not a type of cancer. Lupus is an autoimmune disease

What microbe causes Lupus?

Lupus is not caused by a pathogen. Lupus is not contagious.

In Massachusetts how to get disability when not offered in workplace?

Short term disability insurance is often marketed as a voluntary employee benefit. You pay the premium via payroll deduction, so there is no direct cost to your employer, and no reasonable objection to providing you this option.

Why doesn't the government care about people with adhd and other related disorders?

Unless it's so bad that the person needs to apply for disability, it's not the governments business. ADHD is a certified disability though, and can make you eligible for workplace and school accomadations.

HOW old do you have to be to have lupus?

Lupus can develop in anyone at any age. Babies can be born with neonatal lupus. Lupus can develop in senior citizens. Lupus can develop at any age in between.

What does lupus mean?

Lupus means wolf

What is lupus disorder?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease. The patient's immune system cannot differentiate between pathogens and healthy parts of the self. There are four types of lupus: discoid or cutaneous, systemic lupus erythematosus, neonatal lupus, and drug induced lupus. The cause of lupus is not fully understood. There is no cure. Lupus affects 5 million people worldwide.