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Is MPB today legal?


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Absolutely. The difference between a business and a scam is a business has a product or service. MPB Today sells groceries and Walmart gift cards at fair prices (products). If you choose to get into business and earn money they have a $10 yr website that is needed to do business (service).

This is an incredible company that allows regular people to make money or at least eliminate their grocery bill with out any finical strain. You are going to eat eventually, it will cost money to do that, so why not spent the $10 and start you a business so you can profit from eating. See my profile to learn more about MPB Today.

MPB Today is what is known as a Multi-Level Marketing company. There is nothing inherently illegal or unethical about the company, nor is it some sort of scam.

However, MLM-style companies are generally a poor investment (or poor return-on-expenditures) for the majority of its customers, as the system is set up to provide significant benefits only to those who in turn can recruit additional members to purchase the company's products.

As such, there is no scam or illegal action going on, but the literature describing the potential benefits significantly overstates the actual benefits received by the average member. That is, if you study the terms of the member agreement, you will discover that everyone is required to purchase X dollars worth of goods to join, which will generally cost you X + Y dollars after all fees and shipping are taken into account. You can make back that Y dollars only by recruiting additional members.

So, overall, MPB is NOT a good deal for the average person. For someone who is a good saleman and can find a willing subscriber base, it will turn out to be beneficial, but the average subscriber will find it to be less-than-advertised.