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rural rural rural rural

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Q: Is Madagascar a rural or urban area?
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Is Madagascar rural or urban?

madagascar is in South America

Is a forest in a rural or urban?

is a forest in a rural area or urban area

What is rural and urban area?

Rural is farmland. Urban is innercity.

What is a urban and rural?

Urban means town area, and rural means village area.

Energy used in urban and rural area?

sources of energy used in rural and urban area

Is Miami Beach in a rural or urban area?

is miami is urban or rural

Is Mount Kilauea in a rural area or urban area?


Is Peru an urban or rural area?


Is Lancaster an urban or rural area?


Is Toronto an urban area or a rural area?

Toronto is an urban area because it is a city. If it were a small town in the country, it would be a rural area.

Rural area are better then urban area?

rurla area is better than urban area b/c the rural area is clean fresh area

What are rural and urban communities?

Rural community is a society that is in a rural area ( country side ). An urban community is a society that is in an urban area ( town or city ) Rural is a nature community and Urban is a busy city, town or community.

How an area is converted from rural area to urban area?

Expansion of building estates will change adjacent rural areas into urban areas.

Did Michel Debakey live in a urban area or a rural area?


Why are urban areas more polluted than rural communities?

why urban area better than rural area debate

Is duke's campus in a rural or urban area?


What is the difference between semi-urban areas and rural areas?

The difference between semi-urban areas and rural areas is the development of the geographic area and environment. A semi-urban area is between urban and rural, or partly urban. Rural areas are located outside towns and cities.

What are some of the things found in urban area that is not in rural area?

rural area have more farms

How does the temperature differ in the rural area and the urban area?

Since urban area has more human density with accelerated oxidation activities the temperature in rural area is always lesser than its urban counterpart.

Does Italy have more urban or rural area's?

urban areas

Why there is shift in population from rural to urban area?

urban land

Is Toronto urban or rural?

Toronto is an Urban meaning City or bigger area and Rural is a town so the answer is Toronto is an Urban community.

Is Paris a rural area?

No, it's an urban area.

Is the Atacama Desert in a rural suburban or urban area?

It is primarily rural but there are several large urban areas found in the desert, such as Antofogasta and Arica.

Where is waste more Is it in urban or rural area?

of course in the rural urban areas.This area is where many waste like plastics are used most.

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