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Is Malaysia in Indonesia?


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No, of course not. Malaysia is not in Indonesia. But our location is quite close. Malaysia consists of two parts, namely the peninsular and the Borneo part. The peninsular Malaysia is located to the north of Singapore while one of the Indonesian Islands, Sumatra is located to the west of peninsular Malaysia.


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Indonesia and Malaysia are both located in Southern Asia.

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Indonesia is much larger than Malaysia in terms of population and area. They speak Indonesian in Indonesia and Malay in Malaysia. Indonesia has a smaller life expectancy than Malaysia (61 years old compared to 71 years old).malaysia has one of the tallest building in the world.

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The telephone country code for Malaysia is +60. Indonesia is +62.

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No, Malaysia is not a part of Indonesia. They are two different countries. Only they are sharing the same island, Borneo

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Borneo island. Sabah and sarawak located there belong to malaysia. Kalimantan belongs to Indonesia.

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