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no its not

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Q: Is Manchester in cheshire?
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Is Altrincham in Cheshire or Manchester?

Altrincham is in Cheshire, but is ruled by Greater Manchester.

How far is cheshire from Manchester?

There are places where Manchester (a city) adjoins Cheshire (a county), and also places within the historic boundaries of Cheshire that are now in the county of Greater Manchester.

What is the closest airport to Cheshire in England?

Manchester airport is actually in Cheshire.

Is All of Manchester Airport in Manchester?

No, runway 2 is in Cheshire

Where does Gary Neville live?

cheshire Manchester

What county is sale Manchester in?

Sale is in the metropolitan county of Greater Manchester. Historically, it was in Cheshire.

Is cheshire in Manchester?

Yes, Yes is it Cheshire is a county in the North West of England and the County Town in Chester. It is bordered by Greater Manchester, but not in it ~ I know this sounds strange but at least one place (Stockport) is within the historic boundaries of the county of Cheshire, even the postal address is still Cheshire, but it is now part of Greater Manchester. Even stranger, within living memory, although Stockport was supposedly in Cheshire the parts of Stockport on the northerly side of the River Mersey were officially and historically in Lancashire. (the same as Manchester was)

Is harry styles lives in Manchester?

no harry styles lives in cheshire,

How many miles is Manchester England from cheshire England?

86 miles

Where is Frodsham?

Frodsham is a market town in Cheshire, England. It is 16 miles south of Liverpool and 28 miles southwest of Manchester.

Is cheshire in the north west or east?

North west of England, bordered by Greater Manchester and Merseyside to the north and Wales to the west.

Is Marple in Manchester or Cheshire?

It lies within the historic boundaries of Cheshire, although not administratively in the county of Cheshire. For administrative purposes it lies within the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport which was created in 1974 as part of the new administrative metropolitan county of Greater Manchester under the guidelines of the Redcliffe Maud Report. The Government stated at the time that the new administrative/ metropolitan counties were not aimed at changing the the historic boundaries of counties or affecting the loyalties that residents hold the these counties; but rather improving the administrative functions of areas. Royal mail did not use Greater Manchester as a postal county due to confusion with the postal town of Manchester. Therefore residents may use their historic counties of Cheshire or Lancashire on postal addresses. So yes, It lies within the Historic Boundaries of Cheshire but administratively in the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport. Marple Bridge was once part of Derbyshire but this was transferred to Cheshire in the 1930's. It is of note that the Metropolitan County of Greater Manchester ceases to exist in an administrative form since 1986, although the county exists in law and for ceremonial purposes.

A lot of salt is extracted from cheshirewhere is cheshire?

This is a county in the North-West of England, just south of Manchester and Liverpool and just east of Wales.

What are the local foods of Cheshire?

Cheshire cheese and cheshire pork pies!

What has the author Julie Ramwell written?

Julie Ramwell has written: 'Joseph and James Harrop of Manchester' -- subject(s): Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society

What nicknames does Cheshire Catalyst go by?

Cheshire Catalyst goes by Richard Cheshire.

Where is the Cheshire Public Library in Cheshire located?

The address of the Cheshire Public Library is: 104 Main St., Cheshire, 06410 2499

Where is Carol Nash insurance located?

Carol Nash insurance is based in Altrincham, Greater Manchester, specializing in motorcycle insurance to customers in the UK and Ireland. The headquarters street address is 110 Manchester Road, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 1NU.

Where is the Cheshire Historical Society in Cheshire Connecticut located?

The address of the Cheshire Historical Society is: Po Box 281, Cheshire, CT 06410-0281

Where is Knutsford town located?

Knutsford is located in the aunitary authority area of Cheshire East. The town is about 15 minutes southwest from Manchester, and about 11 miles northwest of Macclesfield.

Who plays the smiling cheshire cat in Alice in wonderland?

Stephen Fry voiced Cheshire , the Cheshire Cat .

Where in the UK is area code 0161 419?

0161 is the area code for Manchester. (0161) 419 covers mostly Stockport in Cheshire. However, with number portability, any particular 0161 number might be located anywhere in the greater Manchester 0161 zone.

What creature is the Cheshire Cat?

The Cheshire Cat is a cat.

What is a Cheshire grin?

'Cheshire grin' seems to be a phrase derived directly from the famous grinning Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland. The cat was itself based on the well known phrase 'grin like a Cheshire cat'. So a 'Cheshire grin' is an enormous grin, reminiscent of the Cheshire Cat's.

When was Leonard Cheshire born?

Leonard Cheshire was born on September 7, 1917, in Chester, Cheshire, England, UK.