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The gospel of Mark is a biography of Jesus written by John Mark

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How is an autobiography different from a biography?

A biography is about the life of a person. An autobiography is a biography written by the person it is about.

Is Facebook an Autobiography?

A autobiography is a biography that was wrote by the person that it was about (E.G. If I was to write a biography about myself then that would be a autobiography). On facebook you can white a biography about events in your lifetime. This would be refered to as a autobiography on facebook.

What is the different between autobiography and biography?

A biography is the story of one person's life. An autobiography is a biography told by the person to whom the biography is about.

What is autobiography and biography?

autobiographyAuthor: the author himselfbiographyAuthor: the other man

What is the difference of autobiography and biography?

A biography is a true story about a person. An autobiography is the life story of the author.

How is an biography different from an autobiography?

Biography is when I write the story of your life. Autobiography is when YOU write the story of your life.

How is a biography different from an autobiography?

It is different because a biography tells a story about someone's life and a autobiography is just a story

Is Anne Frank an autobiography or biography?

Anne Frank is a person, not an autobiography or a biography. If you are talking about her diary, published in English in 1952 as "The Diary of a Young Girl", it is an autobiography.

Give you a sentence with autobiography in it?

an autobiography is a biography, or a story, that you write about yourself

What is an autobiography of oneself?

An Autobiography is always about the person that writes it, so it is the story of oneself. A biography is the life story of someone written by another person, but a biography of oneself is an autobiography.

Distiguish between biography autobiography and collected biography?

A biography is a book about a person. An autobiography is a book which someone writes about himself or herself. A collected biography is a book about more than one person.

What is the difference between biography and autobiography?

A biography is where someone writes about a person I.E if i wrote about my brother where as an autobiography is if i wrote about myself.there is also a biography written on Steve Jobs.

Is a biography a good primary source?

No. An autobiography is a good one but not a biography

How do write an autobiography on a unknown person?

You can't write an autobiography about someone else. That is called a biography. An autobiography is about yourself.

How is a gospel different from a biography?

A:A gospel is a scripture, usually written in the form of a biography, but the gospels are a genre separate from biography. A biography should tell us facts about events in the life of the subject person or about his personality, and if the biography is found not to be substantially factual it is no longer a biography. On the other hand, a gospel remains a gospel whether or not it is factual.

Can I write someone else's autobiography?

An autobiography is something you write about yourself. If you are writing about someone else's life, then it is called a biography. So you can write someone else's biography, but not someone else's autobiography.

Is a diary a biography?

A diary is like an autobiography. It is NOT a biography, which is written by someone else.

What is the suffix added to biography?

autobiography means a biography that is written by the person it is talking about

Is the diary of an frank a biography?

If it is a diary it is an Autobiography

What is the difference between a autobiography and a biography?

A biography is a factual book written about a peron by someone else. An autobiography is a factual book written about a person by him/herself.

What does Biorgraphy mean?

A biography is a detailed report on someones life, usually published in a book or movie. An autobiography is a self made biography. Ex. if you were to make a biography on your life, it would be an autobiography. If you were making a biography on George Washington's life, it would be a biography.

What type of information can you find in autobiography that might not be in a biography?

The authors feelings about events are seen better in an autobiography and it is a primary source so really many things may show up in an autobiography and not in a biography.

Why did nelson Mandela write his autobiography?

no he didn't write an autobiography someone else wrote about him - biography

What is the best definition of autobiography?

When a person writes their own life story or biography, it is called an autobiography.

An author who writes about things that happend during his lifetime writes his?

Either biography or autobiography I believe its autobiography because autobiography is to write the biography of yourself. Im not sure with the "during his lifetime" thing. I hope this helped :)

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