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Mars is bigger than Mercury. Mars is almost the same size as the Earth. Mercury is slightly bigger than our Moon.

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Q: Is Mars bigger or smaller then mercury?
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Related questions

What is bigger than Pluto but smaller than Mars?

Both Earth's moon and Mercury are larger than Pluto yet smaller than Mars.

Which is smaller Mars or Mercury?


Is Mars bigger than Mercury?

Yes, Mars is bigger than Mercury.

Is mars smaller or bigger?


What planet is smaller than Mars?

Mercury is smaller than Mars.

Is mercury smaller or bigger then earth?

mercury is smaller then earth

Are the 2 moons of Mars bigger than Mars or smaller than Mars?

Smaller. Much smaller.

Is Mars bigger or smaller than the earth?

Mars is smaller than the earth

Which is bigger Mars or Mercury?

Mars diameter is 6792 km, while Mercurys diameter is 4879 km, so Mars is bigger. Mercury is the smallest of the eight planets, Mars is the second smallest after Mercury.

Is Mercury bigger than the earth?

No, Mercury is smaller.

Is uranus bigger or smaller than mars?

Uranus is much bigger than Mars.

What planets are mars bigger than?


Is Mars bigger then earth?

Mars is smaller than earth

Is the moon smaller than mercury or mars?

mars is obviously larger than our moon not Mercury

Which is bigger between Mars and mercury?

Mercury has a diameter of 3,745 km (4,208 miles)Mars has a diameter of 6,772 km (4,208 miles)Read more: Is_Mercury_bigger_than_MarsYes, Mars is bigger than Mercury.

Is Mars smaller than Pluto?

No. Mars is bigger than Pluto.

What planets are smaller that Earth?

Venus, Mercury, and Mars. Pluto is not longer categorized as a full planet, but when it was, Earth was bigger than it, too.

What has a stronger gravitational pull Mercury or Mars?

Mars is bigger than Mercury so it has a larger gravitational pull.

Which planets are smaller than Mars?

Only Mercury.

Which planet is smaller Mercury Venus Mars or Uranus?

The smallest planet is mercury

What planets are bigger than Mars?

Mercury is smaller than Mars, all of the other planets are larger. That means Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are all larger than Mars.

Is Europa bigger than Mercury?

No, Europa is smaller than Mercury.

Is Mars bigger than Ganymede?

Yes, Mars is larger than Ganymede but mercury is not

What is the difference between mercury and mars?

Mercury is smaller than Mars. While Mars has two moons orbiting it, Mercury has none. Mercury has a hotter surface temperature than Mars due to the fact that it is closer to the Sun.

Is Mars smaller than Mercury?

Mercury is around 4880km in diameter, while Mars is 6800km in diameter, so Mars is larger, but only the second largest planet after Mercury.