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She was at school last thursday,she was born in 1937

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Is Mary downing hahn still writing?

yes as of 2012 mary is still writing

Is Mary downing hahn still alive to this day?

yes she lives in new york with her husband she also has two grown daughters

Where do Mary downing lived?

Mary Downing are lived 'n numbre 10 downing road

How old is Mary Mackillop?

Mary was born in the year 1842. If she were still alive today (2012) she would be 170 years old.

What year was Mary Downing Hahn born in?

Mary Downing Hahn was born in 1937.

How many years has Mary been alive up to the present?

If Mary were still alive and walking the earth today she would be a bit over 2000 years old, roughly 2030 years.

Is Mary pope osborne still alive?

Mary Pope Osborne is still alive. Shes about 54 years old.

Is Mary Lou retton still alive today?

Yes. Here is her biography page from her website:http://marylouretton.com/ml_biography.html

Is Mary Quant still alive?

Yes Mary Quant (born February 11, 1934) is still alive in 2018, and is still famous with her designs.

How many books did Mary Downing Hahn write?

Mary Downing Hahn worte 30 books.

Are Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen still alive?

In 2016, yes, they are still alive.

Is Mary still alive from the group Peter Paul and Mary?

Mary Travers is not alive. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Travers_(singer)

Are the supremes alive today?

Sadly Florence Ballard died on Febuary 22,1976 at the age of 32 but the good news is Diana Ross and Mary Wilson are still alive

How old was Mary Oliver when she died?

Mary Oliver is still alive...

How old is Mary Downing Hahn?

Mary Downing Hahn is 80 years old (birthdate December 9, 1937).

Is Mary Austin still alive the girlfriend of Freddie mercury?

Yes Mary Austin is still alive and still lives at Garden Lodge (Freddie Mercury's home, which he left her in his will.)

Is Mary Pope Osborne still alive in 2013?

Yes, author Mary Pope Osborne is still alive. She is 65 ( born in May 20, 1949)

Did Mary Tyler Moore die?

No , Mary Tyler Moore is still alive .

What was the 1st book Mary downing hahn write?

Mary Downing Hahn's first book, The Sara Summer, was published in 1979.

Is Mary Downing Hahn dead?

no Mary downing hahn is not dead, she was just visiting at walkersville middle school last Thursday!

Does Alice Mary robertons have a bother or sister?

Alice had a younger sister, Cynthia, & Cynthia's daughter (Alice's neice) is still alive today.

Did Mary j blige die?

No, she is still alive.

Is Dr Mary J Seivwright from Jamaica still alive?

She is still alive and kicking at 86 years of age!

Is Mary Poppins still alive and babysitting?

Mary Poppins is a character of story, and therefore is alive. She exists only in the story/movie Though, and babysits there. However, the actresses who Played Mary Poppins in the Disney Classic, Julie Andrews, is still alive.

Is Mary Downing Hahn married?

Mary Downing Hahn is definitely married and she has three amazing children and she loves them so so much.

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