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She is still alive.

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Has Mary Styles Harris died?

No. Mary Styles Harris is still alive. She will be 60 years old on June 26, 2009.

Where does Mary Styles Harris live?

Mary Styles Harris lived in Connecticut Mil Sakai

Who is Mary styles harris?

wikipedia says: Mary Stlyes Harris is an African-American geneticist.

When did Mary styles harris die?

Mary harris did not die by all she is still living and well.

Is Mary Styles Harris a biologist?


Does Mary styles harris have an Facebook?

No she have an myspace

What did Mary Styles Harris study?

She studied genetics

When is Mary Styles Harris birthday?

June 26, 1949.

Is Mary styles harris still alive if so how old?

Yes, she was born in June 1949 so she is 66 at the time of answering (May 2016).

What type of scientist was Mary styles harris?

She was a biologist and a geneticist (scientist working with genes) scientist.

Where does marry styles harris live'?

where does marry styles harris live

Is there a photo of Mary styles harris?

Have you ever heard of google? If not, the attached link might give you an idea.

What did Mary Styles Harris discover?

Mary Styles Harris is a biologist and geneticist who is particularly interested in issues relating to African-Americans, such as sickle cell anemia, breast cancer and managing diabetes. To that end, she has actively sought to publicize these issues and others, creating an educational science series for Georgia television.

What is marry styles harris middle name?


Why was Mary Harris Jones remembered?

because she was Mary harris Jones

Who did Mary style harris married?

Mary style harris married a man named sydney E. harris

When did Lillian Mary Harris die?

Lillian Mary Harris died on 1964-03-13.

When was Lillian Mary Harris born?

Lillian Mary Harris was born on 1887-12-08.

When was Mary Harris Jones born?

Mary Harris Jones was born on 1837-08-01.

What has the author Mary Corbett Harris written?

Mary Corbett Harris has written: 'Atgofion am Lanfachraeth'

Who is josh and Jake harris mom?

Mary Harris

Who is Jake harris' mother?

Mary Harris

What did Mary Styles Harris invent?

She didnt invent anything persay, she did alot of research on sickle cell anemia. Her research lead to new points in our studies on that topic.

What is Mary styles Harris's daughter name?


Who were the Parents of Mary Harris Jones?

Richard Harris and Ellen Cotter